Voice of the people: Jeannie Shook Morris




Questions paper's coverage


Doesn't Starkville have their own newspaper? The Starkville Examiner? Then why does The Commercial Dispatch constantly print articles about Starkville residents and their get togethers or their deaths or their accomplishments or their businesses and government? Don't Columbus residents have get-togethers or deaths or accomplishments or businesses and government? This past Sunday's newspaper was particularly depressing, featuring prominently articles and pictures about Starkville residents. Maybe you should change the paper's name. Maybe you call yourself representing the entire Golden Triangle. If so, you rarely have articles about West Point either.


Jeannie Shook Morris






Peter Imes responds: The Dispatch is proud to call Columbus its home, but we have always served more than just the Friendly City. We've maintained a Starkville office for about 20 years, and while we do provide limited coverage of Clay and Noxubee counties, our primary coverage area is Lowndes and Oktibbeha.




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