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Agrees with letter on roads


Kudos to Deborah Smith of West Point for her letter regarding the ridiculous condition of the roads in Mississippi.


It really doesn't matter what county or city you are in, the roads are terrible. I liked her idea about an added gas tax which wouldn't be felt too badly. Whatever steps we need to take, it is past time to do so. Our vehicles are paying the price. And, I often think of those people who have serious back problems and just wonder how they can tolerate riding on our roads.



I could readily point out roads in our particular part of town which are absolutely ridiculous, but it probably won't make any difference. Our city officials say they are trying to cut expenses, but that's a laugh! Like myself, how often do you see a city of Columbus vehicle with 4 to 5 people in it just seemingly riding the streets? Are they actually looking for problem areas? I would hope so, but I do wonder.


Not only are city and county roads in rough condition, but if you travel on 82 - either direction - you will have a very bumpy ride. I can readily remember when this road was finally finished between Columbus and Tuscaloosa. And I do mean finally! Some places on it are terrible. And, yes, I know that we are only supposed to ride in the left lane when passing however, I admit that I often do it to try to avoid the really rough road on the outside lane. I watch in the rear view mirror of my car at the upcoming traffic, and if I see someone getting close to me I signal and move to the right so that person can pass.


I've pointed out this complaint in the past, but am lead to do so again. Everyone (or at least 90% of us) are on the streets and/or roads on a daily basis. Why can't the condition of such be more important than walking tracks, soccer fields, etc.? I'm not opposed to either of these, but I do take a dim view of them when our streets are in such bad repair. Can't we get our priorities in order?


Sarah Studdard






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