Voice of the people: Deborah Smith




Encouraging readers to act on road repairs


I am writing to you with a request for our legislators to do something about our roads in Mississippi. We have asked our local representatives in person to suggest a five-cent gas tax on gasoline while we are enjoying the low prices in fuel. This would not be a burden on any of our citizens and the bill could designate that if fuel prices rise above a certain price, that this gas tax would automatically come off. No one wants to be the one to ask for this sensible suggestion. They seem to all be afraid to be the one to sponsor this idea and maybe not get elected the next time. Maybe a really good reason for term limits for those who cannot propose legislation that is good for all of us who live and work in Mississippi who need good roads to drive on. Our roads are an embarrassment to all of us. They are costing us more in car repairs and tires than we would spend with five extra cents at the pump. Please talk to your representative, let's get something done!


Deborah Smith



West Point




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