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Thoughts on female candidates 


In Friday's paper, Mona Charen asked "should Democrats avoid female candidates?" Not necessarily. The big problem so far is that no female candidate worthy of being President has run, ever, in any party. We don't "need" to elect a Madame President just because other civilized nations have had female leaders. When a female good enough to be president runs, I'll vote for her, no matter what party she calls home. For the record, a heck of a lot of male candidates should never run and should just stay where they are. 


I hope whomever runs in 2020 doesn't decide to make a lot of grandiose, empty promises that he/she knows he/she cannot deliver. The president doesn't fix bad roads. That belongs to local supervisors and city councilmen/women. This nation will become a third-world, banana republic with a dictator for president and politicians even more crooked than what we have now, if immigrants from South America continue to come here, bringing their gangs, economic problems, political ignorance, and other problems.  


They are fleeing poverty and oppression but don't know how to leave that behind. The conventional theory is that Democrats want them here for their votes and Republicans want them here for cheap labor. Both theories are foolish, and are destroying this once great nation. What can be done? 


Stop "entitlements" and then able-bodied American citizens will compete for jobs, and businesses will pay competitive wages. While I'm on my soapbox, NO government entity has any business ordering anybody to pay a minimum wage. Different businesses and different areas have different values. Get the government out of our back pockets, just a little, and things will have to improve. 


Cameron Triplett 





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