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Political privilege and storm cleanup 


First, back in October 2018, we have an elected official getting a super deal at a local business by not paying full price and then denying any knowledge that he did anything wrong. Now, we have another elected official getting a good-buddy deal on the fees at the Trotter. The response given to that was, "congratulate me on my degree and marriage." 




Who do these elected public servant think they are? What part of "public servant" do they not understand? I know the city council pay is not great, but they knew the pay before they decided to run for office. Maybe, you thought the fringe benefits off-set the salary. Being honorable and having integrity has lost it's meaning in today's political climate. Then, we wonder why the city is in the shape it is in. The character action of our leaders in Columbus go a long ways in moving the city in the right direction. I have lost confidence in city hall after my personal cell phone number was given to a supporter of Kratom that called complaining after the ban was issued by the council.  


Now, to the city cleanup. The storm hit on February 23. Yesterday, April 9, the go was given to start the cleanup by the mayor. That is 43 days before starting anything, and that is a long time to wait. In my neighborhood there was not storm damage just normal springtime cleanup, and we have not had any pick up for 43 days! I think pick-up was made in the areas affected by the Pilgrimage before now. The talk on the street is that the city is waiting for MEMA/FEMA monies and J5 to handle and oversee all the cleanup. The more picked up, the more money received. Then, we hired a firm "Debri Tech" at $229 per hour to oversee the work that J5 is paid a reported $90,000 annually and 6% of all contracts the city enters into does. Seems like a lot of overseeing going on with the city having a real shortage of money too. All I want is for Columbus to overcome its financial problems, control our crime and improve our infrastructure. Monies are being spent for things through grants, such as the roundabout and etc. that we could do without, in my opinion until we get some infrastructure projects done.  


As Tom Cruise said in Jerry Maguire, "show me the money." Then we can move on. But I'm just beating a dead horse. 


Lee Roy Lollar  





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