Voice of the people: Shirley Swoope




Roses for a rescue


A bouquet of roses to the Lowndes County Sheriff's Department, the West Lowndes Volunteer Fire Department, the ambulance service and the EMTs, nephews, great-nephews, neighbors, and any and every other volunteer that was there to help search for my husband, Charles, after he suffered a blood sugar low and got disoriented coming out of the woods from hunting on January 30 when the temps were below freezing. Jeff Edmondson was calm and calming, had a plan that he instituted and brought all necessary resources together to make sure Charles was found.


In a time where people have a tendency to put down law enforcement, I think it's important for everyone to know what an outstanding job these people do each and every day under less than ideal conditions.



One of our daughters who lives in Arizona said that this kind of community action would never take place there.


There are no words that can adequately convey the thanks of our family for each of you who were present to help, but please know that we are ever grateful for your kindness and willingness to step up and help.


Shirley Swoope







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