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Ramblings on times past 


Thinking of the "Good ole days," brought back memories of days of long ago. I had a grass cutting business as a 10-14 year old in the 50's. My first lawn mower was a Clinton motor powered, two cycle, 20-inch Wizard mower, purchased from Mr. Billy Furr's Western Auto on Market Street at the entrance to the Trotter Center. I think he let me pay for it on a payment arrangement, as I earned money. My Dad probably had a lot to do with that, as he and Mr. Furr were friends. I remember that first summer, I paid off the mower and earned enough to buy a new bike, mail ordered from Sears, next door to Western Auto. There was still time to swim at the Y and at the VFW in the Lux. Baseball pickup games at Red Bird park were normal on Saturday those days. After a Friday game, the base line lime was still there and maybe if we were lucky, a baseball would be found. What a time for a youngster, a great time to have lived. In the summer, we would leave, telling our mom see you at lunch unless we were invited to a friend's home. We rode our bikes many miles, no worry. How times has changed.  


After I got my drivers license at the age of 15, I delivered laundry and dry cleaning for Mr. L.E. Gibson, who owned Military Cleaners. He really had trust in me I guess. Earning your own spending money at that time was a right of passage. $15.00 a week went a long way then. Then as a senior, I worked for Mr. Louis Nabors at Nabors Ford through the DE program at Lee High. The 50's were a different time to live. But it provided me a foundation for life. I learned respect first, then to succeed, you have to work hard and accept the fact, life sometimes is not fair, you have to deal with whatever hand you are dealt. With hard work and determination you can overcome and succeed. 


Today, parents or grandparents don't let the kids out of our sight, fearing a predator is behind every tree. Why have we changed so much? There is no going back. The only hope we have is to unite as ONE people. Look out for each other, we are Americans! I think most people want to provide for their family, be able to enjoy this great nation without worrying there is a nut job ready to shoot you. If your candidate lost, so be it. In four years you have another chance. Deal with the hand you are dealt. Remember there is no U, only US in USA.  


God Bless America 


Lee Roy Lollar, Jr. 





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