‘For women and men’




Sixty years ago MSCW''s Class of ''49 graduated in early June. As freshmen in September ''45, we were the largest class ever--over 500 strong. And, amazingly, over 300 plus of us finished together in June ''49. We had shared the best of all worlds: The War was over, we had a lasting and meaningful education; we both loved and respected our professors and we had each other. MSCW/MUW was founded in 1884, the first public college for women in the nation. An institution with such a storied and historic background deserves to keep "Mississippi" and "Women" in its title. Simply add "Men" and we have MUWM.


I have talked to Dr. Aubry Lucas, a leading educator in our state as well as an esteemed orthopedic surgeon.


I was president of my sophomore, junior, and senior classes and have stayed in contact with my remaining classmates and other "W" alumnae. We are unanimously in favor of MUWM. Dr. Lucas told me we needed to contact our legislators. We are doing this. If you agree with us, join us. Thank you.




Dot Moore Dorman






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