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The Lowndes County Supervisor board meeting, July 7, 2009, was the first supervisor board meeting I have ever watched. As a citizen of Lowndes county, I guess I need a "thorn" for not keeping up with current affairs. Never the less, I find myself in disagreement with many of the assessments of various commentators on this meeting and the state of affairs related to our supervisors. 


The Commercial Dispatch issued a "thorn" to Mr. Leroy Brooks for his "childish fit" in that meeting. If I gave Mr. Brooks a thorn, it would be for not having the willingness to speak to someone (Kenneth McFarland) even if we are in disagreement. And I would give a thorn to Mr. McFarland if he is unwilling to speak to Mr. Brooks. Does he seek a subordinate position to a person he refuses to speak to? I would not mind hearing a sermon from Mr. McFarland, who is a minister, on how the Lord would have us show respect to those who have authority over us. 


And I wonder why Mr. Harry Sanders, who spoke passionately for the Burns Bottom soccer field, did not say a word about what kind of relationship Mr. Brooks and Mr. McFarland would have? Why was Mr. Jeff Smith the only supervisor who saw a need to speak about this at the meeting? Is there a spirit of reconciliation on this board? 


If I were handing out roses, I would hand out a rose to Mr. Brooks for attempting to have racial harmony in hiring black and white. That is the right thing to do. And it should be done in all phases of our lives.  


It disturbs me "if" none of the other supervisors has appointed other races in their districts. (And I am not referring to doing this every "blue moon.") This leads me to believe that this issue is not as important to these supervisors as it should be. And maybe part of the reason why there is so much chaos in the board room is because there are attitudes about race that need to be fixed outside the board room. Please think on these things! 




Abraham Smith 


Lowndes County



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