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Thanks again for The Dispatch, a fine paper that allows freedom of speech (one of our most sacred rights) of both the left and right.


Re: Kathleen Parker''s article "A League of Her Own"


Yes, you are absolutely correct in this idea. Sarah Palin (I still have two Palin campaign signs in my yard and will keep them there as she leads us out of this encroaching governmental tyranny.) is a courageous Christian patriot that God has called for these dangerous "Last Days."



I have great respect for her and her precious family. When I think of her, I think of other great leaders such as Margaret Thatcher, Winston Churchill and General Douglas McArthur.


Yes, as she said in her speech, why do the enemies of America want to destroy her? As she was quoted in your article, she is for 1. smaller government 2. national security 3. freedom. In essence, she is for God and country.


In our "enlightened society" we cannot keep fighting Sarah. We love you. Millions and millions are looking to you as our leader. I thank God for you.


P.S. to Dispatch Readers. We had 1,200 Patriots at the July 4th Tupelo Tea Party Rally.



Clark Williams


West Point




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