Leroy Brooks




Just how much and for how long are we (Lowndes County residents) going to have to endure the rantings of this idiot? This "gentleman" is an elected official, yet his rants remind me of a spoiled 5-year-old that still wants a bottle.  


My apologies to the 5-year-old for any negative comparisons. Each and every time Mr. Brooks doesn''t get his way, he goes off like a cheap firecracker. He''s done it for so long, most folks say, "That''s just the way Leroy is." and accept it.  


Why do we need to continue to accept such unprofessional and foolish antics from our elected officials? For him to sit there and threaten Mr. McFarland is not acceptable, shows extremely poor judgement (as usual for Leroy), and reflects poorly on our entire community. The folks that vote to keep Mr. Brooks in office may benefit from his position, but Lowndes County certainly doesn''t.  


I''ve said it before and I''ll say it again; a vote for Leroy comes from foolish folks that only think in the short-term. Is there anyone out there that is interested in "recalling" this elected official? Mr. Brooks; you may not find my name in the phone book or on the tax rolls, but I''m real and you have my phone number. If you''d like to invite me down to your office again so that we could "discuss this face-to-face like men," call me, and like the song says, "I''ll Be There." 


Rick Love, Columbus



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