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This fad, too, shall pass


Saggy pants are a fad, a fashion craze. I think it's crazy, but it's an in-your-face expression of rebellion. I find it disgusting and highly offensive. I would like to carry a can of lighter fluid around to squirt on the seats of nasty underwear exposed to view, but unfortunately my right to be offended stops at everybody else's nose.


It is a disgrace that some choose to wear their pants like they don't have enough ass to hold them up. Some people have too much belly and not enough butt and can't help but have a "plumber's crack." One day, but not soon enough, this fad, too, will pass. Remember: Zoot Suits; narrow ties; wide ties; narrow coat lapels; wide coat lapels; souped-up hot rods; muscle cars with the rears jacked up; long hair on boys; subcompact cars with the tires sticking out six inches beyond the fenders; extreme whitewalls on tires; hydraulic lift kits that made cars hop. The list goes on. In today's fads which I'd like to see go are low-profile tires on 24-inch rims; ugly custom paint jobs; caps turned backward, sideways, every way but right; tags still on clothes; skinny bird-legs sticking out from baggy loose shorts.



We really don't need a fashion police. If people who find saggy pants offensive would say so to the wearer, or just laugh out loud at the funny sight, perhaps these idiots would stop being obnoxious. Meanwhile, we must be careful what laws we pass. There are much more important issues that need to be addressed.


Cameron Triplett






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