Guardian angel found




I feel I must share an incident that happened to my wife, Jo, and me as we were returning from a visit with our son in Alabama on Easter.


Near Reform, Ala., on leaving 82 we were traveling on a four-lane highway hoping to get home before a predicted rain storm. Jo was driving and suddenly a car on our left passed us and in a few yards ahead of us suddenly turned across our lane causing us to broadside them. Both cars rolled down the grassy slope.


Shortly the highway patrol, fire truck, etc. arrived to help us. At this point, a lady appeared, introduced herself and said she was going to help us. We had become quite disoriented. She carried us to the Pickens County Medical Center in her car after the other car''s people were taken by ambulance.



We were at the emergency center about six hours. Our helper, Cathy Bush of Millport, Ala., stayed with us all the time-even arranging for a hot meal to be brought to us since I am diabetic.


Upon completion of our x-rays and examination we were dismissed. Cathy simply said, "I am taking you to Columbus." I said we could ride in the wrecker if necessary since we were not badly injured. She said, "Your car is gone hanging behind the wrecker. Your luggage and all your belongings are in my car."


The rainstorm had started and she drove 25 miles to our home, stopping at the drug store for our medicine and on to our home to unload all our things before she would leave. Jo insisted she spend the night since it was almost midnight but she said she could not as she had a doctor appointment the next morning in Tuscaloosa. We said we would not sleep until she would let us know she was safely home, and she did call.


Cathy is a private sitter and when a situation indicates an emergency she quickly goes to work. She has been doing this work for 19 years and is a wonderful person-just as everyone from the Highway Patrol, emergency people, and hospital staff who showed so much concern and compassion.


Maybe you question the idea of a "guardian angel," but we have found ours.


Joe Thompson, Columbus





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