Against Starkville board's vote




I am sure that you have either heard or read about the failure of the rezoning of the Yellowjacket Drive building project at the meeting this week of the Board of Aldermen.


On April 14, the Starkville Planning and Zoning Committee voted unanimously in affirmation to re-zone from R-1 to R3-A the property behind Starkville High School baseball field. Typically, the Board of Aldermen votes in agreement with the Planning and Zoning Committee because of their expertise in the area of building and development.


However, with a unanimous affirmative vote from the Planning and Zoning Board, the zoning proposal still did not pass. I am disappointed in the Aldermen who have proved themselves to be favorable of the "no growth" mentality in Starkville, Mississippi, as I am sure you are as well. Starkville is home of Mississippi State University, a number of industries, and we will make it out of a struggling economy. These are the times that growth needs to come about -- people need jobs -- we need movement -- we need change.



Building and development means more jobs for everyone -- not just developers -- including engineers, lumber companies, concrete companies, plumbers, electricians, carpenters, roofers, and many other tradesmen. Bankers, Realtors, businesses and many others are also affected. This affects all of us.


B and P Developers has attempted to bring into Starkville more than 100 new homes to this area over the past year, and the group has been turned down continuously because of the fear of local citizens who do not understand the value of property and how it can bring about positive change to their property and Starkville


This property B and P has sought to develop would create a group of new homes and environment that would be beautiful, convenient and affordable for anyone who wishes to have a newly built, high quality home, but wish to spend less than $200,000.


We have a new "facelift" Starkville High School, a relatively new football field and athletics area, and the convenience to Highway 12 is great; a nice subdivision behind the baseball field would be wonderful, and it would enhance Yellowjacket Drive, give it a little more character, and make some great homes for some our community''s citizens.


Sadly, the Aldermen who have voted against making this project what it could have been have temporarily halted Starkville''s growth. Perhaps some new faces on the Board of Aldermen can bring support to this proposal.


Alderman P.C. McLaurin stated that Starkville did not need any more homes, and that there was an overabundance of homes presently in the community. Alderman P.C. McLaurin, Alderman Janette Self, Alderman Matt Cox and Alderman Sumner Davis voted against the re-zoning and supported the motion as made by P.C. McLaurin.


This is a vote against pro-growth for Starkville, our home.


I certainly want to commend Alderman Roy Perkins, Alderman Richard Corey, and Alderman Rodney Lincoln. When you see these men, thank them for showing support to the building and development industry in Starkville. They are for growth and change, and demonstrated this to us last night.


Please make sure that you support these men in their upcoming elections. They deserve our support.


Thank you.




Frank Brewer


Brewer Construction of Mississippi, Inc.


B and P Developers




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