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Something about the editor''s column ("Rays of sunshine in the Gloom Belt," Steve Mullen, April 22) about how depressed we are in Mississippi did not ring true. So I did my own research.


Mental Health America has this to say about how their study on mental health in the U.S. was conducted:


"Ranking the States: An Analysis of Depression Across the States" was researched and written by Mental Health America and Thomson Healthcare. It looks at data from 2002-2006 and was conducted from July to November 2007. The report compares depression levels and suicide rates in all 50 states and the District of Columbia and uses the information to highlight solutions to improve states'' mental health status.



I realize that this study does not have the fun pop psych appeal that desk jockeys who write columns like but maybe it will appeal to those who like serious research.


The study said that Mississippi is ranked 33. That''s not bad when you realize that the new editor writing about how gloomy we are in Mississippi came here from California which is ranked 15.


This is the second column about how bad we have it in Columbus. According to the new guy we are not the friendly city and now we are gloomy. Boy are we lucky to have him move back to our state and teach us some manners and lead us into a state of bliss.


Anne Burkart






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