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Appeals court tosses out landmark Katrina ruling

Posted 9/25/2012 in National

A federal appeals court reversed itself Monday and threw out a judge's landmark ruling that the Army Corps of Engineers was liable for billions of dollars in Hurricane Katrina flood damage that property owners blame on the corps' maintenance of a New Orleans shipping channel.



Miss. convicted killer captured in Georgia

Posted 9/25/2012 in National

A convicted killer, who escaped from the Mississippi State Penitentiary at Parchman over the weekend, has been captured in Georgia.



Report: Premium hikes for top Medicare drug plans

Posted 9/25/2012 in National

Seniors enrolled in seven of the 10 most popular Medicare prescription drug plans will be hit with double-digit premium hikes next year if they don't shop for a better deal, says a private firm that analyzes the highly competitive market.


Romney gives Dem support for tax deductions claim

Posted 9/22/2012 in National

Mitt Romney has given Democrats plenty of support for their claim he manipulated his deductions to keep his overall 2011 federal income tax rate above a certain threshold for political purposes.


Campaign is in high gear, but White House is quiet

Posted 9/22/2012 in National



Congress exits Washington to hit campaign trail

Posted 9/22/2012 in National

The most partisan, least productive Congress in memory has skipped out of Washington for the campaign trail.



Military-style tactics seen in US Consulate siege

Posted 9/22/2012 in National

The heavily armed extremists who laid siege to the U.S. Consulate in Libya used military-style tactics that may have steered Americans toward a waiting ambush, U.S. officials said Friday as they pieced together details about how the compound was overrun.



Mauled NY man: I wanted to be one with the tiger

Posted 9/22/2012 in National

A man who was mauled by a tiger at the Bronx Zoo is facing arrest after telling investigators he wanted "to be one" with the 400-pound beast, police said Saturday.



Facebook posts worry police in Pa. hostage-taking

Posted 9/22/2012 in National

Pittsburgh police said they had serious concerns when an armed man took a business owner hostage in a downtown high-rise office building -- and not just because he had a knife. The suspect, 22-year-old Klein Michael Thaxton, made Facebook posts during the five-hour ordeal Friday, authorities said, and they feared that responses from friends, family and others might goad him into violence.


iPhone 5 launch draws Apple fans worldwide

Posted 9/21/2012 in National

In a now familiar global ritual, Apple fans jammed shops from Sydney to Paris to pick up the tech juggernaut's latest iPhone.

Three killed in prophet protests in Pakistan

Posted 9/21/2012 in National

Protests by tens of thousands of Pakistanis infuriated by an anti-Islam film descended into deadly violence on Friday, with police firing tear gas and live ammunition in an attempt to subdue rioters who hurled rocks and set fire to buildings in some cities. Three people were killed and dozens injured on a holiday declared by Pakistan's government so people could rally against the video.


Panetta: U.S. surge troops out of Afghanistan

Posted 9/21/2012 in National



Texas hospital plans 'moonshot' against cancer

Posted 9/21/2012 in National

The nation's largest cancer center is launching a massive "moonshot" effort against eight specific forms of the disease, similar to the all-out push for space exploration 50 years ago.


Romney tries to seize mantle of change

Posted 9/21/2012 in National

Now it's Mitt Romney who wants to be the candidate of change.

Anti-jihad 'savage' ads going up in NYC subway

Posted 9/21/2012 in National

A provocative ad that equates Muslim radicals with savages is set to go up in the city's subway system as violent protests over an anti-Islamic film ridiculing the Prophet Muhammad sweep over much of the Muslim world.

Shuttle to sightsee around Calif. with low flyovers

Posted 9/21/2012 in National

Space shuttle Endeavour will spend its last flying day today not rocketing into space, but doing what most tourists do when visiting California: Taking in the state Capitol, Golden Gate Bridge and the Hollywood Sign.


Unemployment claims fell last week to 382,000

Posted 9/21/2012 in National

The number of Americans seeking unemployment benefits fell only slightly last week to a seasonally adjusted 382,000. The level suggests hiring remains weak.



Black women rally against voter ID laws

Posted 9/21/2012 in National

Deidra Reese isn't waiting for people to come to her to find out whether they are registered to vote.



Romney controversy points to power of viral video

Posted 9/20/2012 in National



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