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US cases now most in world, US capital sees more infections

Posted 3/27/2020 in National

The United States' caseload of coronavirus infections surged to the most in the world and its capital reported more infections, as Italy shut most of its industry and masses of Indian day laborers received food rations after a lockdown put them out of work.



Are gun shops 'essential' businesses during a pandemic?

Posted 3/27/2020 in National

In some parts of the U.S., authorities say gun shops aren't essential businesses and should close during stay-at-home orders meant to slow the coronavirus. In other places, officials are stopping background checks for concealed carry permits. Elsewhere, city leaders have invoked emergency powers allowing bans on gun sales.



Ethanol plants seek rule changes to resupply hand sanitizer

Posted 3/27/2020 in National

As hospitals and nursing homes desperately search for hand sanitizer amid the coronavirus outbreak, federal regulators are preventing ethanol producers from providing millions of gallons of alcohol that could be transformed into the germ-killing mixture.



A new beat for police across US: Enforcing social distance

Posted 3/27/2020 in National

In New York City, they've started dismantling basketball hoops to prevent people from gathering in parks and playing. In Lakewood, New Jersey, police broke up a wedding being held in violation of a ban on large gatherings. And in Austin, Texas, officers are encouraging people to call a hotline to snitch on violators of the city's orders for people to stay home.



Officials: As Mississippi River drops, floods still a threat

Posted 3/26/2020 in National

As the Mississippi River in New Orleans continues to drop, there is still a threat of flooding this spring across a third of the country.



Senate unanimously passes massive coronavirus aid plan

Posted 3/26/2020 in National

The Senate passed an unparalleled $2.2 trillion economic rescue package steering aid to businesses, workers and health care systems engulfed by the coronavirus pandemic.



Trump's Easter goal in war on virus a nod to faith, business

Posted 3/26/2020 in National

President Donald Trump's "beautiful" idea to reopen the U.S. economy by Easter Sunday and pack church pews that day was dreamed up during a conference call among business leaders desperate to get the country back up and running.



Trump's push to open economy could come at cost of lives

Posted 3/26/2020 in National

The contrast could hardly be more stark. Gov. Andrew Cuomo of New York has said that if all of his sweeping, expensive measures to stem the coronavirus saved one life, it would be worth it. President Donald Trump has another view: The costs of shutting down the economy outweigh the benefits, frequently telling Americans that 35,000 people a year die from the common flu.



'The whole city laid off': Jobless claims climb sky high

Posted 3/26/2020 in National

Barely a week ago, David McGraw was cooking daily for hundreds of fine diners at one of New Orleans' illustrious restaurants.



Drugmaker backpedals on specialty status for COVID-19 drug

Posted 3/26/2020 in National

Facing public criticism, the maker of a promising coronavirus drug said Wednesday it will waive a special regulatory designation that could have allowed it to block competition and boost profits for its treatment.



Trump administration urged to free migrants as virus surges

Posted 3/26/2020 in National

Pressure was mounting on the Trump administration Wednesday to release people from immigration detention facilities where at least one detainee has tested positive for COVID-19 and advocates fear tight quarters and overall conditions could cause rapid spread of the virus.



Ford recalls 268K cars in North America to fix door latches

Posted 3/26/2020 in National



Fears for civil rights mount amid fight against coronavirus

Posted 3/26/2020 in National

The orders seem prudent in the bid to thwart the spread of the novel coronavirus: Don't go out, don't gather with others and keep your stores closed. But growing segments of the U.S. population say state and federal governments are trampling on freedoms central to American life in the name of protecting public health.



New York struggles with coronavirus, US deaths top 1,000

Posted 3/26/2020 in National

New York authorities mobilized to head off a public health disaster Wednesday, with the city's emergence as the nation's biggest coronavirus hot spot a warning flare -- and perhaps a cautionary tale -- for the rest of the country as U.S. deaths from the pandemic topped 1,000.



World leaders to meet virtually to coordinate virus response

Posted 3/26/2020 in National

Leaders of the world's most powerful economies will convene virtually on Thursday to try and coordinate a response to the fast-spreading coronavirus, which has shuttered businesses and forced well over a quarter of the world's population into home isolation.



In pandemic, rumors of martial law fly despite reassurances

Posted 3/25/2020 in National

Millions of Americans have been ordered to stay home. Businesses and schools are shuttered. And National Guard units have been activated in more than half the states. Yet despite what you may have read in a text message or on social media, there are currently no plans for a national quarantine, let alone martial law.



Trump hoping to see US economy reopened by Easter amid virus

Posted 3/25/2020 in National

President Donald Trump said he is hoping the United States will be reopened by Easter as he weighs how to relax nationwide social-distancing guidelines to put some workers back on the job during the coronavirus outbreak.



White House, Congress agree on $2 trillion virus rescue bill

Posted 3/25/2020 in National

The White House and Senate leaders of both major political parties announced agreement early Wednesday on unprecedented emergency legislation to rush sweeping aid to businesses, workers and a health care system slammed by the coronavirus pandemic.



Coronavirus-related crimes capitalize on global fear, panic

Posted 3/25/2020 in National

Thieves steal surgical masks. A clinic sells fake COVID-19 tests. Hate groups encourage sick members to infect law enforcement officers. Imposters pose as public health officials. Con artists peddle fake cures and financial scams.



States differ on exempting worship from coronavirus closures

Posted 3/25/2020 in National

As multiple governors issue orders to curb large gatherings and implore residents to stay home in a bid to slow the spread of the coronavirus, at least a half-dozen states have exempted some level of religious activity.



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