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'A heavy lift': Religious black voters weigh Buttigieg's bid

Posted yesterday in National

Joe Darby, a South Carolina pastor in the African Methodist Episcopal Church, pondered a sensitive question that he knew was on the mind of his congregation. Would black voters be able to reconcile their conservative religious doctrine with voting for a gay candidate for president?



Signs of recession worry Trump ahead of 2020

Posted yesterday in National

President Donald Trump is warning of an economic crash if he loses reelection, arguing that even voters who personally dislike him should base their ballots on the nation's strong growth and low unemployment rate.



Warren, Sanders get personal with young, black Christians

Posted yesterday in National

Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren framed their Democratic presidential bids in personal, faith-based terms Saturday before black millennial Christians who could help determine which candidate becomes the leading progressive alternative to former Vice President Joe Biden.



Native American voters, once overlooked, seek role for 2020

Posted yesterday in National

Democratic presidential candidates will descend on Iowa next week to do something that Native Americans say doesn't happen enough: court their vote.



US stocks end turbulent week with broad gains

Posted yesterday in National

You're not the only one confused about where the economy is headed. Just look at the stock market, where perplexed investors have been sending stocks on a wild ride in August.



Alaska records its warmest month ever; future records likely

Posted yesterday in National

Alaska has been America's canary in the coal mine for climate warming, and the yellow bird is swooning.



'Easy Rider' star, 1960s swashbuckler Peter Fonda dies at 79

Posted yesterday in National

Actor Peter Fonda, the son of a Hollywood legend who became a movie star in his own right after both writing and starring in the counter-culture classic "Easy Rider," died Friday at his home of complications from lung cancer.



Scientists confirm July set new global heat record

Posted 8/16/2019 in National

July was the hottest month measured on Earth since records began in 1880, the latest in a long line of peaks that scientists say backs up predictions for man-made climate change.



AP Analysis: Trump uses Israel to fuel partisan fires

Posted 8/16/2019 in National

President Donald Trump's encouragement and support of Israel's decision to ban two Democratic lawmakers may play well to his political base, but it could endanger the foundations of the U.S.-Israel relationship in the longer term.



Over 400 sex abuse suits filed as litigation window opens

Posted 8/16/2019 in National

The Roman Catholic Church, the Boy Scouts, schools and hospitals, the late financier Jeffrey Epstein are some of the targets named in a flurry of sex abuse lawsuits filed Wednesday in New York as the state began accepting cases once blocked by the statute of limitations.



Source confirmed in Legionnaires' outbreak at Atlanta hotel

Posted 8/16/2019 in National

The Georgia Department of Public Health has confirmed the source of a deadly Legionnaires' disease outbreak at a downtown Atlanta hotel.



ICE raids raise question: What about the employers?

Posted 8/15/2019 in National

The images of children crying after their parents were arrested in a massive immigration raid in Mississippi revived a longstanding complaint: Unauthorized workers are jailed or deported, while the managers and business owners who profit from their labor often go unprosecuted.



After 1 death, heat wave eases slightly with front

Posted 8/15/2019 in National

An oppressive heat wave blamed for a death in Mississippi eased a little across the Southeast on Wednesday after a cold front pushed through the region, bringing damaging storms along with lower temperatures.



Government moves toward easing drive-time rules for truckers

Posted 8/15/2019 in National

The Trump administration took a key step Wednesday toward relaxing federal rules that govern the length of time truck drivers can spend behind the wheel, a move long sought by the trucking industry but opposed by safety advocates who warn it could lead to more highway crashes.



Flooded Mississippi a threat as hurricane season heats up

Posted 8/15/2019 in National

The river that drains much of the flood-soaked United States is still running higher than normal, menacing New Orleans in multiple ways just as the hurricane season intensifies.



AP source: Hickenlooper to end 2020 presidential bid

Posted 8/15/2019 in National

John Hickenlooper will drop out of the Democratic presidential primary on Thursday, according to a Democrat close to him.



Trump official: Statue of Liberty poem is about Europeans

Posted 8/14/2019 in National

A top Trump administration official says that the famous inscription on the Statue of Liberty welcoming immigrants into the country is about "people coming from Europe" and that America is looking to receive migrants "who can stand on their own two feet."



United tells pilots no alcohol for 12 hours before flights

Posted 8/14/2019 in National

United Airlines is setting an earlier cutoff time for when pilots must stop drinking alcohol before flights.



2 guards suspended and warden reassigned after Epstein death

Posted 8/14/2019 in National

The warden at the federal jail where Jeffrey Epstein took his own life over the weekend was removed Tuesday and two guards who were supposed to be watching the financier were placed on leave while federal authorities investigate the death.



Flurry of suits emerge as NY opens door to old abuse claims

Posted 8/14/2019 in National

It was the early 1950s and Peter Vajda was a little boy attending a Catholic boarding school in the Bronx when he says a religious brother molested him.



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