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Alabama orders 'chemical castration' of some child molesters

Posted yesterday in National

Some Alabama sex offenders who abuse young children will have to undergo "chemical castration" while on parole, under a new law, but the requirement has prompted legal concerns and appears to be rarely used in some states that allow it.



2020 race brings free college back to the national stage

Posted yesterday in National

After receding from the national stage, the free college movement is resurfacing as a central rallying point for Democrats as they set their sights on the White House.



US companies' message to Trump: Don't expand China tariffs

Posted yesterday in National

What happens if President Donald Trump carries out his threat to impose tariffs on the remaining $300 billion in Chinese goods that he hasn't already hit with 25 percent import taxes?



Growers hope standards bring order to hemp industry 'mess'

Posted yesterday in National

A unit of wheat is called a bushel, and a standard weight of potatoes is called a century. But hemp as a fully legal U.S. agricultural commodity is so new that a unit of hemp seed doesn't yet have a universal name or an agreed-upon quantity.



Battleground Florida: Both parties prepare for 2020 fight

Posted yesterday in National

President Donald Trump's early strength in Florida on the night of the 2016 election was the first sign that he was about to score an upset victory. In an otherwise bleak 2018 for the GOP, the state was again a bright spot for Republicans who won the governor's mansion and flipped a Senate seat.



LAPD investigates officer's actions in Costco shooting

Posted yesterday in National

The Los Angeles Police Department is gathering evidence and video footage in an administrative investigation into an off-duty officer who shot and killed a man authorities say attacked him inside a Southern California Costco Wholesale warehouse store.



AP Explains: Juneteenth celebrates end of slavery in the US

Posted 6/15/2019 in National

A holiday that is spreading across the U.S. and beyond, Juneteenth is considered the oldest known celebration commemorating the ending of slavery in the United States.



'Like quicksand': Ohio farmer survives soybean entrapment

Posted 6/15/2019 in National

The sea of shifting soybean kernels had risen to Jay Butterfield's knees inside a tall grain bin on his Ohio farm. "I knew I was in trouble then," the 70-year-old said. "Because it's just like being in quicksand or cement."



Notre Dame celebrates 1st Mass since devastating April fire

Posted 6/15/2019 in National

The archbishop wore a hard-hat helmet, burnt wood debris was still visible and only about 30 people were let inside, but Notre Dame Cathedral on Saturday held its first Mass since the devastating April 15th fire that ravaged its roof and toppled its masterpiece spire.



Naval War College is getting its 1st female president

Posted 6/15/2019 in National

A helicopter pilot who heads a military command in Guam will be the first female leader of the U.S. Naval War College, the Navy announced Friday, days after removing the college president who came under investigation over questionable behavior.



Debate lineups: Biden, Sanders on 2nd night, Warren on 1st

Posted 6/15/2019 in National

NBC set the lineup for its two-night debate of 2020 presidential contenders later this month, with a top-heavy second session that will pit former Vice President Joe Biden onstage against 2016 Democratic runner-up, Bernie Sanders, the youthful Mayor Pete Buttigieg and California Sen. Kamala Harris.



Memphis police appeal for calm after marshals kill black man

Posted 6/14/2019 in National

Police appealed for calm Thursday in a tense Memphis neighborhood where a rock-throwing crowd gathered after federal marshals fatally shot a black man who, authorities said, had rammed a police vehicle with a stolen car.



Federal agency recommends White House aide Conway be fired

Posted 6/14/2019 in National

Taking unprecedented action, a federal watchdog agency recommended Thursday that President Donald Trump fire one of his most ardent defenders, counselor Kellyanne Conway, for repeatedly violating a law that limits political activity by government workers.



Sarah Sanders leaving White House job, returning to Arkansas

Posted 6/14/2019 in National

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders, whose tenure was marked by a breakdown in regular press briefings and questions about the administration's credibility, as well as her own, will leave her post at the end of the month, President Donald Trump announced.



New York ends religious exemption to vaccine mandates

Posted 6/14/2019 in National

New York eliminated the religious exemption to vaccine requirements for schoolchildren Thursday, as the nation's worst measles outbreak in decades prompts states to reconsider giving parents ways to opt out of immunization rules.



'Deepfakes' called new election threat, with no easy fix

Posted 6/14/2019 in National

"Deepfake" videos pose a clear and growing threat to America's national security, lawmakers and experts say. The question is what to do about it, and that's not easily answered.



Jury sentences father to death for killing his 5 children

Posted 6/14/2019 in National

A South Carolina father was sentenced to death Thursday for killing his five children with his own hands. After they were dead, he drove around with their bodies for nine days before dumping them in garbage bags on the side of an Alabama dirt road.



Democratic debate lineup set at 20 candidates; de Blasio and Bennet in

Posted 6/14/2019 in National

The Democratic National Committee has announced that 20 candidates have qualified for the party's first presidential debates later this month.



Bishops OK anti-abuse steps, but skeptics seek tougher moves

Posted 6/14/2019 in National

Under intense public pressure, the nation's Roman Catholic bishops approved new steps this week to deal more strongly with the clergy sex-abuse crisis.



Prosecutors drop Flint water charges, promise fresh probe

Posted 6/14/2019 in National

Prosecutors dropped all criminal charges Thursday against eight people in the Flint water crisis and pledged to start from scratch the investigation into one of the worst man-made environmental disasters in U.S. history.



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