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4-County to survey members about potential internet option

Posted 3/28/2020 in Area

Members of 4-County Electric Power Association can expect to receive a survey designed to gauge their opinions on the cooperative investing in high-speed internet.

Anxiety over virus increases demand for mental health care

Posted 3/28/2020 in Area

The uncertainty that comes with a global pandemic like the COVID-19 coronavirus means people need someone to talk to about their concerns, said Karla Morgan, who runs Seeds Counseling and Wellness in Starkville. "Even if people aren't looking for counseling, they're looking for connection and support and ways to consider how to move forward," Morgan said.


Counselors urge honesty, caution when talking to kids about COVID-19

Posted 3/28/2020 in Area

The uncertainty that comes with a global pandemic, which has shut down schools and most person-to-person interaction for the foreseeable future, means children will look to their parents for guidance and answers to their inevitable questions, Starkville mental health counselor Karla Morgan said.


While Trump says economy could restart fully by Easter week, local pastors, businesspeople are not as optimistic

Posted 3/28/2020 in Area

Rev. Todd Matocha of Main Street Presbyterian Church is preaching to the choir. Only the choir. His sermon for Sunday, March 22, titled "When Public Worship is Prohibited," isn't delivered before hundreds of parishioners. It was filmed the Thursday before in front of empty pews and posted on YouTube.

Yokohama shutting down for 2 weeks because of coronavirus

Posted 3/28/2020 in Area

Yokohama Tire Corporation is shutting down production at its West Point manufacturing plant for two weeks, beginning Saturday, in response to the COVID-19 virus, the Japan-based company announced Friday.

'Social-distancing safe' teddy bear scavenger hunt takes hold in Golden Triangle

Posted 3/27/2020 in Area

The Jordan family was in the middle of their Thursday afternoon walk. Or better put, their Thursday afternoon scavenger hunt.

Reeves: Stricter local ordinances don't violate executive order

Posted 3/27/2020 in Area

Gov. Tate Reeves clarified Thursday an executive order he passed earlier this week limiting gatherings and businesses throughout the state in order to help curb the spread of COVID-19 coronavirus, putting to rest concerns by local officials that the order would supersede emergency restrictions previously passed by municipalities or counties.

Some international students have no way home

Posted 3/27/2020 in Area

Arpana Upadhyay was left alone at home in Nepal when a 7.8 magnitude earthquake shook the country in April 2015, interrupting her last semester in high school.

Down market brings new investors, while existing ones seek to 'ride it out'

Posted 3/26/2020 in Area

The stock value for the video conferencing tool Zoom increased by 22 percent from the close of the market Friday to the same time Monday. People want to invest in Zoom stock because the app has become a widely-used work-from-home tool during the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, Modern Woodmen of America financial adviser Barbara Coats said. But she and other advisers warn against purchasing individual stocks.

Local hospitals work to mitigate coronavirus spread

Posted 3/26/2020 in Area

In the wake of a growing number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 coronavirus, hospitals in the Golden Triangle are tightening restrictions within the facilities to lower the risk of infection. Several hospitals have restricted in-person patient visits, limited the number of entrances and isolated potential and confirmed COVID-19 patients from the other patients.

Area hospitals stocked up on masks, other COVID-19 supplies

Posted 3/26/2020 in Area

During Gov. Tate Reeves' teleconference with county supervisors throughout the state Wednesday, Mississippi Emergency Management Agency director Greg Michel provided an update on the medical supplies needed to fight the COVID-19 virus.

Guns, ammo, garden supplies, liquor among items still flying off shelves during pandemic

Posted 3/25/2020 in Area

Now in its 85th year of operation, the Lowndes Farm Supply has been there "through good times and bad times," General Manager Jeff Hays said. But Hays has never seen a time like this.

Man pleads to double murder after jurors hear recording of him offering witness money

Posted 3/24/2020 in Area

A Mantee man pleaded guilty to two counts of murder in Clay County Circuit Court last week after a witness told jurors he had offered her $2,000 to change her testimony.

Area authorities clarify coronavirus restrictions

Posted 3/24/2020 in Area

The day the Columbus City Council ordered a shutdown of certain businesses to help curb the spread of COVID-19 coronavirus, a police officer arrived at Mike's Package Store on Highway 45 North and told owner James Ervin he had to close the store by 5 p.m. and remain closed until further notice.


90-degree temperatures possible across Deep South this week

Posted 3/24/2020 in Area

A scorching wave of summer-like heat could be in store for parts of the Deep South later this week.


Hotels 'barely keeping the lights on' during outbreak

Posted 3/23/2020 in Area

Shanqunni Smith's life went from stable to unstable very quickly, she said. "I really had everything mapped out (with) my bills, and now I've got to figure out how I'm going to pay everything," said Smith, a single mother of four.

2 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Oktibbeha County

Posted 3/22/2020 in Area

COVID-19 coronavirus has now officially reached every county in the Golden Triangle.

Visits through glass: Nursing homes, assisted living facilities adjust to life under quarantine

Posted 3/21/2020 in Area

Louisiana resident Debbie Dodson had planned to drive to Columbus for her mother, Margaret Joyner's, 85th birthday on April 1. The last time the two women saw each other was December, shortly after Joyner moved into Garden Hill Assisted Living and Personal Care on Yorkville Road. But on March 12, Garden Hill Administrator Brandee Delaney texted family members of all the residents telling them the assisted living center was now closed to all visitors except certain medical workers.

4 confirmed coronavirus cases in Lowndes, 1 in Clay

Posted 3/21/2020 in Area

As of Saturday morning, there are four confirmed cases of COVID-19 novel coronavirus in Lowndes County and one case in Clay County, according to the Mississippi State Department of Health.

School districts navigate 'uncharted waters' of delivering remote education

Posted 3/20/2020 in Area

The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic is not the first disaster Cherie Labat has dealt with in her educational career.


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