City of Columbus Building Permits Sept. 14-18, 2020




Dutch Oil Company; 3101 Highway 45 North; dumpster enclosure; same


Ben and Sonja Ferrell; 410 6th Avenue South; erect storage shed; Gene Reid Construction


Columbus Housing Authority, 412 15th Avenue South; Repair car impact damage; Roberts Builders Inc



Columbus Housing Authority, 505 Avenue B; renovate fire/smoke damage; Roberts Builders Inc


Columbus Housing Authority, 608 Avenue A; renovate fire damage; Roberts Builders Inc


CRM Inc; 618 Alabama Street; wall and two restrooms; Ray Oglesby


M2D2 Investments; 152 & 158 South McCrary Road; fire sprinkler system; McIlwain Services


Burt Rentals Inc.; 1204 Main Street; remodel for offices; Emmanuel Moore


Will Sanders; 3424 Military Road; electrical; Ables Electric


Anthony O'Neal; 2405 11th Avenue North; electrical; Jimmie Chism


James Sigers; 931 Deena Drive; electrical; Jimmie Chism


Jackson Square LLC; 2003 highway 45 North; electrical; Wofford Electric


Vasco Properties Inc; 905 Alabama Street; electrical; jay Shows Electric


Vasco Properties Inc; 2328 Highway 45 North; electrical; Jay Shows Electric


Columbus Partners LP; 300 South Lehmberg Road, Apt 56; electrical, Vertis Lee


City of Columbus; 909 20th Street North; mechanical; Patterson HVAC


Columbus Housing Authority; 412 15th Avenue South; mechanical; Patterson HVAC


Columbus Housing Authority; 505 Avenue B; mechanical; Patterson HVAC


Columbus Housing Authority; 608 Avenue A; mechanical; Patterson HVAC


Mack Smith; 177 Ponderosa Drive; plumbing; Ralph Shaw Plumbing


Michael and Robin Balthis; 1182 Island Road; Plumbing; Ralph Shaw Plumbing


S&R Property Company LLC; 1402 8th Avenue North; plumbing; P&H Plumbing


Tony Givens; 268 Yorkville Road West; plumbing; same


Mayurkumar and Dipika Patel; 2329 Martin Luther King Jr.; plumbing; Ralph Shaw Plumbing


Curtis Davis; 806 17th Street North; plumbing; Tabor Plumbing






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