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Mary Pollitz

Mary Pollitz



Mary Pollitz



When burgers and beer are involved, the show must always go on.


That's what's happening with Mitchell Distributing's Bud & Burgers competition this year. Even though last year was Starkville's first Bud & Burgers competition, Mitchell Distributing has hosted it for the past six years in various cities throughout the state.


Friday, from 5-8 p.m., the Bud & Burgers competition will go live on the competition's Facebook page.



If you've got a knack for the grill and your photography skills are up to the test, get your six-pack, burger, buns and grills ready for the first Bud & Burgers virtual event. Though typically folks meet together and taste-test these mouth-watering burgers, the judges will be on social media checking out the best photo-worthy picks.


Contestants must post pictures or videos of their burger and grilling skills with a team name and name of their burger by 8 p.m. Friday. Prizes include grills, coolers and speaker towers, which will be awarded to the most liked photos, most Instagrammable, most team spirit, and the best picture of a burger with a Budweiser.


"We're really excited to bring Bud & Burgers virtual during this unknown time," said Mitchell Companies Communications Manager Anna Grace Tanner. "We thought this event would be a positive opportunity for our communities to feel a sense of togetherness even while participating from homes."


Grillers, spectators and social media aficionados get ready for Friday and be sure to check out the Bud & Burgers page at


Over in Starkville, a quirky coffee shop has transformed from its typical coffee and snack shop to a drive-thru essential station.


At Strange Brew, folks can drive through for a coffee pick-me-up, roll of paper towels, bag of flour, eggs, even a bottle of hand sanitizer and, yes, toilet paper.


With businesses changing their operating practices in the wake of COVID-19, Strange Brew has been added to the list of businesses breaking through the typical mold.


Owner Katelyn Reed said the coffee shop has continually changed since March to keep their employees safe and busy and offer the public as many supplies as they can. Both Starkville locations, on Highway 12 and University Drive, are selling their typical menu items as well as those essential ones in high demand at your local grocery stores.


"We wanted to offer a safer way for our customers to grab what they need by swinging through the drive-thru instead of having to walk into a big store," Reed said. "...We are (thankful) our customers have worked with our changes and allow us to still provide them with a moment of happiness in their days. We are constantly adapting to the newest safety guidelines and while it can be challenging, we are willing to do whatever it takes to safely serve strangers every day."


In other news in Starkville, Flavors Cuisine of India on Martin Luther King Jr. has reopened. The Indian restaurant, which previously closed in March due to COVID-19, officially announced it would serve customers again with pick up and carry out orders this week.


Each week the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention releases tips and ideas to keep everyone safe throughout this pandemic. While the best motto is to simply limit your time being out and about, we all know that we have to grocery shop and pick up essential items.


If you do have to leave the house, it's important to keep a few of these CDC tips in your mind.


Luckily, in this age we don't have to go to the grocery store physically to stock our cabinets and pantries. With Walmart, Kroger and Vowell's Marketplace, you can place orders for pick up by simply going online. If you do have to go out, the CDC is suggesting we wear masks (even if it's just a T-shirt covering to shield your mouth and nose).


As always, when you're in public it's important to keep a six-foot distance from those around you, avoid touching your face and use hand sanitizer after touching credit card machines, money, doors and shopping carts.


Unfortunately, it's true that the less we interact with each other, the better off we are at flattening the curve. You've probably all noticed that stores throughout the Golden Triangle are taping lines six feet apart to remind us to stay safe and far apart.


If you're like me and you want to go the extra mile, after I pick up groceries I have started wiping down canned goods, produce and other non-porous containers to prevent the spread of germs. That may be taking it to the extreme, but it only takes a few extra minutes to put my mind at ease.


We're all in this together, guys. Be sure to be mindful of others, take only what you need, give when you can and as always, be safe.





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