Building permits for 7-11-19


Dispatch Staff Report



City of Columbus 


July 1-3, 2019 


■ Livingston Rental Property, LLC; 720 Railroad St.; Demo residence (storm damage); Same 


■ Valerie Porter; 608 Chestnut St.; Repair roof; Same 


■ Dewey Petigo; 414 Summerhaven Dr.; Electrical permit; Buddy Easley 


■ Larkin Demoville; 1611 Chickasaw Dr.; Electrical permit; Buddy Easley 


■ James Parker; 1213 7th St. N.; Electrical permit; Buddy Easley 


■ Freddie Jones; 316 11th St. S.; Electrical permit; Buddy Easley 


■ Edward Bozeman; 2313 Bluecutt Rd.; Electrical permit; Doug Hutcherson 


■ MCD Properties; 520 Willowbrook Rd.; Electrical permit; Doug Hutcherson 


■ J.C. Cotton; 50 Matilda Dr.; Electrical permit; Vertis Lee 


■ Petty Rental Properties; 911 20th St. N., Apts. B-D; Electrical permit; Jimmie Chism 


■ Jesse Petty; 1001 6th Ave. N.; Electrical permit; Paul Livingston 


■ Eddie Hines; 915 Tallaha Dr.; Electrical permit; Same 


■ Clifford Spriggs; 204 McHall Dr.; Electrical permit; Same 


■ Robert Nabors; 1319 13th Ave. S.; Electrical permit; Vertis Lee 


■ Bank of Vernon; 3561 Bluecutt Rd.; Electrical permit; Rob Malone 


■ Swoope Insurance; 3501 Bluecutt Rd.; Mechanical permit; Chris Patterson 


■ Financial Concepts; 1121 2nd Ave. N.; Mechanical permit; Mid-South Air Conditioning 


■ Loria Nicholson; 1008 6th Ave. N.; Plumbing permit; Kenny Pollard 


■ Clifford Spriggs; 204 McHall Dr.; Plumbing permit; Same 


■ Columbus Colony Ltd.; 301 Bishop Cir., Apt. 9 & 10; Plumbing permit; Justin Klutts 




Lowndes County 


July 10, 2019 


■ Kevin Mims; 689 Jim Wells Rd.; Construct storage/shop; Owner 


■ Jordan Dauber; 1025 New Hope Rd.; Remodel shop; Owner 


■ Lewis Griffin; 5983 Hwy. 45 N.; Remodel commercial building; Owner 


■ Earl & Jane Windle; 641 Cal-Kolola Rd.; Construct storage/shop; Owner 


■ John Cotman; 613 Kimberly Dr.; Remodel s/f residence; Southern Custom Renovations 


■ Lori Hill; Quail Ridge; Construct s/f residence; Owner 


■ Spec; Old Wolfe Road; Construct s/f residence; Frye Tile & Exterior




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