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In the garden with Felder: Talking the talk, walking the walk

Posted 7/11/2020 in Columns

It's true, the old adage that gardening is good for us, and one of the upsides of Covid-related restrictions is that I've had ample opportunity to give it more practice.

Southern Gardening: Hardy Summer Storm hibiscus is garden treat

Posted 7/11/2020 in Columns

One of my landscape joys is growing plants that share their big flowers with me.

In the garden with Felder: Magnolias and Mississippi

Posted 7/4/2020 in Columns

What says "forever Mississippi" to you?

Southern Gardening: Veggie gardens thrive despite summer heat

Posted 7/4/2020 in Columns

Each year as we approach Independence Day, my landscape and garden begin a transition to what I like to call "second summer." This is due to the heat and humidity that set in anywhere from late April to mid-May.

In the garden with Felder: Good 'actors' can provide color even in summer's dog days

Posted 6/27/2020 in Columns

What to do when the hydrangeas stop flowering by July?

Southern Gardening: Bring coveted blue to home landscapes

Posted 6/27/2020 in Columns

Everyone has a certain color that is their absolute favorite, and I'm no different. And while I really like the entire palette of colors available for our gardens and landscape, the one color I must have is blue.

Southern Gardening: Rudbeckia are great flower choices for heat

Posted 6/20/2020 in Columns

Over the last several months, I've been spending even more time in my home garden and landscape, and many of you may have done the same.

In the garden with Felder: Share plants without prejudice

Posted 6/20/2020 in Columns

Do your plants signal what kind of person you are?

In the garden with Felder: Life with wildlife

Posted 6/13/2020 in Columns

I have a dilemma that is both cute and fascinating, but has the potential to wreak havoc in my Certified Wildlife Habitat garden.

Southern Gardening: Use care when trimming storm-damaged trees

Posted 6/13/2020 in Columns

Last week was the traditional start of the storm season, and as if on cue, Tropical Storm Cristobal paid us a visit.

In the garden with Felder: Get 'patriotic' with a Mississippi mainstay

Posted 6/6/2020 in Columns

Dang it. I just discovered a young tree seedling in my garden that will sooner or later have to be cut down, but it seems wrong, maybe unpatriotic, to do it.

In the garden with Felder: Sifting through to get to the real stuff

Posted 5/30/2020 in Columns

This week's emails included some real doozies, from an unusual problem with poison ivy and what kind of plant do I want to reincarnate as, to whatever it is that Imogene Fitch wants me to do.

Southern Gardening: Tiny flowers can have a big garden presence

Posted 5/30/2020 in Columns

Many of the garden center stars that draw the most attention are plants with big, flashy flowers.

In the garden with Felder: Heirloom antiques remind us of garening ancestors

Posted 5/24/2020 in Columns

Are the concrete chicken, big urn and homemade toadstools in my garden antiques, heirlooms, or just old?

Southern Gardening: Use flowers that create mats of color in gardens

Posted 5/24/2020 in Columns

One of the landscape views many gardeners ignore is the horizontal plane.

In the garden with Felder: The nature of plants

Posted 5/16/2020 in Columns

To hear some folks talk, you'd think plants have intentions, good or bad and everything in between.

Southern Gardening: Profusion zinnias give strong color all summer

Posted 5/16/2020 in Columns

I'm becoming increasingly optimistic about our 2020 Mississippi summer gardens and landscapes. COVID-19 is on everyone's mind, but an upside to the virus is that more homeowners are gardening than ever before.

In the garden with Felder: The nature of vines that twine

Posted 5/9/2020 in Columns

Ever notice how a cat can't help raising its rear when you stroke its back? Vines do the same thing. Sorta.

Southern Gardening: May the fourth be with gardens

Posted 5/9/2020 in Columns

May 4 marked a milestone for me and my wife as the last Star Wars movie, "Star Wars: Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker," was being released straight to digital, thanks to COVID-19.

In the garden with Felder: Talk the talk, walk the walk

Posted 5/2/2020 in Columns

Social distancing doesn't apply to Victory Garden vegetables; some actually do best when stuffed into close quarters.


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