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Local voices: Unconventional times call for unconventional learning

Posted 3/28/2020 in Columns

I read a criticism a few years ago about the ways we tend to separate children into very strict categories and classes based exclusively on their ages. Yes, of course there are developmental trends for every age, but imagine if you were assigned your job or your Sunday school class based only on your age.

Southern Gardening: Gardening offers many stay-at-home benefits

Posted 3/28/2020 in Columns

With much of our workforce telecommuting from home and with school suspended or canceled for the kids, cabin fever has already become an issue for many households.

In the garden with Felder: Getting the 'chili' right

Posted 3/28/2020 in Columns

Gardening and home cooking have a lot in common, creating sustenance and comfort by combining basic ingredients using simple techniques.

Local voices: The teachers will appear

Posted 3/21/2020 in Columns

"When the student is ready, the teacher will appear." That's a Buddhist proverb I've heard before and like. It's been true many times for me: when I am ready to understand something, a loved one or stranger will know just the right thing to say or do.

In the garden with Felder: Strategies for getting through

Posted 3/21/2020 in Columns

My little garden is helping me cope with being cooped up away from work and social interactions during these contagious times.

Southern Gardening: Time spent gardening yields beauty, benefits

Posted 3/21/2020 in Columns

We are certainly experiencing troubling and scary times right now. "Quarantine," "pandemic" and "social distancing" have become frequently used words, at least until we get a handle on COVID-19.

Southern Gardening: Choose a perennial salvia for recurring garden wins

Posted 3/14/2020 in Columns

Sometimes it seems I need a larger garden landscape because, sadly, I don't have room for every great plant I write about. But one group of plants I make sure to save space for is perennial salvia.

In the garden with Felder: A look at some of Mother Nature's 'weirdos'

Posted 3/14/2020 in Columns

Some of the strangest space creatures in the Known Universe grow right here on our own planet, including in Mississippi.

In the garden with Felder: Thinking ahead ...

Posted 3/7/2020 in Columns

What's going to happen to my garden, tools and books when I move on to another Eden?

Southern Gardening: Serena, Serenita Angelonias excel in Mississippi gardens

Posted 3/7/2020 in Columns

March 1 was the meteorological first day of spring, and I found my thoughts wandering to those summer annuals I love so well.

In the garden with Felder: Take a 'tasteful' look around

Posted 2/29/2020 in Columns

My neighborhood hosts a largesse of edible stuff people don't seem to appreciate.

Southern Gardening: Benary Giant, Magellan are great garden zinnias

Posted 2/29/2020 in Columns

Zinnias are annual flowers that perform extremely well in our hot and humid Mississippi gardens and landscapes.

In the garden with Felder: Prettying up our late-winter gardens

Posted 2/22/2020 in Columns

Get ready for Blackberry Winter 2020, which is probably just around the corner.

Southern Gardening: Mississippi Medallion honors Garden Gem tomatoes

Posted 2/22/2020 in Columns

I've promoted the 2020 Mississippi Medallion winners Colorblaze coleus, beautyberry and Luscious lantana for the last three weeks. Now, I want to tell you about the fourth and final 2020 selection, Garden Gem tomato.

Keep houseplants healthy while keeping pets safe

Posted 2/16/2020 in Columns

You love them both -- your pets and houseplants -- but it can be challenging to safely raise them together in the same house.

In the garden with Felder: Don't be afraid to keep things a little 'wild'

Posted 2/16/2020 in Columns

Are those little clumps of flowering greenery in your winter lawn weeds, or wildflowers? It's possible to see them as both and garden accordingly.

Southern Gardening: Find a place for Luscious lantana in flower gardens

Posted 2/15/2020 in Columns

One of my favorite easy-care, flowering plants has to be lantana. This low-maintenance plant is highly tolerant of the hot, humid summers in our Mississippi gardens.

Southern Gardening: American beautyberry is a 2020 plant winner

Posted 2/8/2020 in Columns

Through February, I'm highlighting plants named 2020 Mississippi Medallion winners. Each of these winners is superbly adapted to our garden and landscape environment.

In the garden with Felder: Advice for success with seedlings

Posted 2/8/2020 in Columns

Gambling hasn't always been legal in Mississippi, but gardeners have been doing it openly for generations. Unfortunately, the house usually has better odds than even us old hands.

In the garden with Felder: Let potted plants bring nature indoors

Posted 2/1/2020 in Columns

Who knew my cheery collection of durable potted plants had such deep roots?


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