Butter Together: Salsa is the solution. What was the question?


Amelia Plair

Amelia Plair



Amelia Plair



A few nights ago, Zack and I had to sit down with a planner to figure out how we were going to juggle an evening consisting of an open house at one child's school, course selection night at another child's school, a softball game, and a food delivery. We settled the schedule quickly, dividing to conquer, as power couples are wont to do. Then, of course, the morning of, our youngest puked at daycare ... as preschoolers are wont to do. 


Robert Burns may not have written, "The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry," with us in mind, but at times it certainly feels like he did. We juggled again, this time calling in backup in the form of my fabulous parents. 


That's life, as they say. 


This time of year, life comes at us from more directions than usual, it seems. My calendar is filled-to-bursting with papers and schedules and scratched-out plans. The way I thought my Thursday was going to look on the Monday before is almost never how it looks by the time Thursday actually rolls around. 


That's one of the reasons I love pulling out this salsa recipe for parties and events this time of year. I can make it ahead of time -- it actually tastes better that way -- and it's easy to seal in a bowl and transport. Plus, it makes a ton, so while I can't really justify having a half-gallon of chip dip in my fridge on an ordinary day, I can easily justify making it for a get-together with friends and family or as a contribution to the teacher-appreciation luncheon. 


I've never been one who believed that salsa was much different whether it was homemade or came in a jar, to be honest. The only homemade recipe that really impressed me was my sister-in-law and mother-in-law's, and I knew I'd never be diligent enough to chop everything by hand the way they usually do. 


But this recipe made me a believer. It's very quick when made in the blender, which is the way I do it, and yet the flavor is worth dirtying an appliance. I call that a win-win. 


Amelia Plair is a mom and high school teacher in Starkville. Email reaches her at [email protected] 








2 (14.5-ounce) cans stewed tomatoes  


1/2 onion 


2 cloves garlic 


Juice of one lime or lemon 


1/2 bunch cilantro 


1 teaspoon salt 


Pickled jalapeno slices (about 6-8 slices for mild salsa; adjust to taste) 




ยท Pour all ingredients into blender. Pulse until ingredients are chopped. For best results, refrigerate several hours or overnight before serving. Serve with chips, over scrambled eggs, or with a spoon when your plans have gone awry. 


(Adapted from ourbestbites.com)



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