Follow the money?




I have been reading the comments regarding the Burns Bottom "sportsplex" with interest, some amusement, and much aggravation. I am reminded of a tale I heard/read many years ago regarding an influential and wealthy State Senator from Columbus. I hope my memory serves me well here. 


Anyway he knew in advance that Highway 82 was going to be four-laned soon so he bought up as much land on both sides of the existing road as he could. Then when the land for the new road was purchased, guess who gave the state the best deal? At a profit, of course. This is supposed to be why the four-lane route wanders back and forth across the old highway. 


What I''m wondering is this: Do any of the powers that be have a financial interest in seeing Burns Bottom chosen? Do any of them have family or friends that do? It wouldn''t hurt to do some checking. The adage of "follow the money" is always relevant. No matter what the people say, it seems like the elected officials, not elected servants, want to burn the people with Burns Bottom. 




Cameron Triplett Sr 






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