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Anne's Kitchen: Holiday birds and other goodies

Posted 12/6/2017 in Food

If I had to sum up the last two weeks in one word it would be "turkey."


Anne's Kitchen: Love your leftovers

Posted 11/22/2017 in Food

Ah, Thanksgiving. The frenzy of the grocery store, getting the turkey thawed in time, waking early to get it in the oven, searching for oven space for that last casserole -- and don't forget to heat the rolls!


Anne's Kitchen: Packed autumn, plus pickled peppers

Posted 11/1/2017 in Food

October has been a very full month for me, and I couldn't have asked for more.


Anne's Kitchen: Thinking ahead to Thanksgiving, eh?

Posted 10/18/2017 in Food

Oh, to be Canadian and live in the United States. Then you'd have the opportunity to celebrate two Thanksgivings!


Anne's Kitchen: On the road: great friends, great food

Posted 10/4/2017 in Food

When this column appears, I'll be back home in Columbus, but as I write it I'm on Day 8 of a 10-day road trip. To remain true to the spirit of my column, I'll relate the trip as food memories.


Anne's Kitchen: Variations

Posted 9/20/2017 in Food

I have a little follow-up to a few of the recipes from the last few columns.


A couple of favorites: quick breads and barbecued shrimp

Posted 9/6/2017 in Food

I made several quick breads last week and my new favorite one is blueberry cobbler bread. It was a great use of last spring's frozen berries and was the fruitiest of the three I made -- strawberry and banana being the others.


Anne's Kitchen: Schnitzel for supper? Plus a great idea for breakfast

Posted 8/16/2017 in Food

Just after my last column (about chicken Milanese), I received two emails from blogs I follow.


Anne's Kitchen: Everyday chicken gets a Milanese makeover

Posted 8/2/2017 in Food

When I was young and foolish in New York, I had a French boyfriend for a time who introduced me to rose wine and veal Milanese.


Anne's Kitchen: A diner's diary

Posted 7/19/2017 in Food

I am most definitely not a food or restaurant critic. And I'm not a professional food journalist. I do read a lot of food writing and understand that there is technique, talent and skill involved in it.


Anne's Kitchen: Market bounty yields summer feasts

Posted 7/5/2017 in Food

On my last visit to the Hitching Lot Farmers' Market in Columbus I came home with okra, green beans, little potatoes, corn, peaches and delicious tomatoes.


Anne's Kitchen: Old friends, new memories

Posted 6/21/2017 in Food

Well, the fourth annual retreat for the B-52's is over, and it gets better and better each year.


Anne's Kitchen: Staycation cooking

Posted 5/31/2017 in Food

Here's to more four-day weekends! Even in retirement, a long weekend feels like a vacation.


Anne's Kitchen: What to make? How about Mississippi Roast?

Posted 5/17/2017 in Food

It's a busy May over here and I'm looking forward to mid-June for my fourth annual "retreat" with 16 girlfriends from my hometown of Athens, Georgia.


Anne's Kitchen: Considering diets

Posted 4/26/2017 in Food

When I was in college Atkins was the new diet plan. There we were at the University of Georgia, eating steak with butter and drinking scotch because it didn't have carbs.


Anne's Kitchen: In the mood for muffins?

Posted 4/12/2017 in Food

I have never been a muffin fan. I didn't grow up eating sweet things for breakfast and just never hankered to the idea of coffee cake and muffins.


Anne's Kitchen: Delving into a 'new' dish

Posted 3/29/2017 in Food

I'm reporting in to say that the night of ossobuco (or osso buco) was wonderful.


Anne's Kitchen: Gadgets, grease and ramblings from Anne

Posted 3/15/2017 in Food

After my last column about kitchen gadgets I've taken a second to think about each utensil I pick up.


Anne's Kitchen: Let kitchen helpers make life easier

Posted 3/1/2017 in Food

I began a recent cooking demonstration by showing the group a few of my favorite kitchen helpers.


Anne's Kitchen: Anne puts leftover lemons to tasty use

Posted 2/15/2017 in Food

As usual, I've been cooking with what is in my home, doing my best to use up items that for some reason seem to multiply when I'm not looking.



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