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New day for a spring tradition

Posted yesterday in Food

It may have happened more than 60 years ago, but Betty West Land still remembers learning to make cheese straws from Edna Banks, a family neighbor.


Family tree: There's more than one way to preserve a family story

Posted 4/20/2019 in Community

Don't be surprised, when talk turns to family trees, to see a smile break out on the faces of Jeff and Stacy Farnham. The words "family tree" usually bring to mind genealogical diagrams going back generations. The Farnhams, however, have -- well, an actual tree.


Grandparents learn there's a 'little genius' in the family

Posted 4/20/2019 in Community

McDonald and Angela George of Columbus received a stunning phone call recently, one very few people will ever get. Their son, Edmund, was reaching out from across the Atlantic Ocean, and the news was amazing: The Georges' 4-year-old granddaughter, Alannah, was officially being accepted into British Mensa.


Delicious reads

Posted 4/17/2019 in Food

Visitors to the Columbus-Lowndes Public Library found more than "food for the mind" April 11. The library's third annual Edible Book Festival showcased something for the taste buds as well.


A twist on Easter's green bean casserole

Posted 4/17/2019 in Food

Many years ago, I quietly fell into the role of green bean casserole maker for our family's special occasion dinners.


In your corner: Fighting back against Parkinson's disease

Posted 4/13/2019 in Community

It was in July of 2018 that Mary Anna Nelson noticed a tremor in her hand on the steering wheel as she drove. She feared it was an ominous sign; her brother had battled Parkinson's disease for the previous four years. By December, her suspicions were confirmed. Nelson had Parkinson's disease.


Easter brunch

Posted 4/10/2019 in Food

The W's Culinary Arts Institute kitchen was "styling" on the morning of April 2. From chef station to station, an Easter brunch was coming together and looking good. That's the purpose of a food styling class: to prepare food to look as tempting as possible for photography, video or film.


'How can we help?': After the storm, it takes a team

Posted 4/6/2019 in Community

As the beam from his flashlight fell on the damage, Johnny Johnson's heart sank as he walked through drizzle, debris and darkness toward Hunt School. Just hours earlier, an EF-3 tornado had hit Columbus, leaving its destructive mark on neighborhoods and structures including the school on 20th Street North -- and the R.E. Hunt Museum and Cultural Center housed inside.


Pilgrimage visitors reconnect with family past in Columbus

Posted 4/6/2019 in Community

Dianna Buder Suratt has never lived in Columbus, but her visit to the city during the 79th annual Spring Pilgrimage felt like coming home. It was also "the best birthday present I could have had," said the Canton, Georgia, resident.


'Amazing' garlic

Posted 4/3/2019 in Food

So many foods, spices and herbs we take for granted have amazing histories. Garlic is one of them.


Girlchoir home tour goes 'Strolling on South Side'

Posted 3/30/2019 in Entertainment

A variety of styles will distinguish the annual Columbus Girlchoir Tour of Homes Saturday, April 6 from 10 a.m. to noon. Three houses near downtown Columbus will open to visitors for the nonprofit choral organization's major fundraiser.


Downtown Columbus readies for Spring Open House

Posted 3/30/2019 in Entertainment

Downtown Columbus' Spring Open House April 5-6 offers area residents and visitors yet another good reason to be out and about in the Golden Triangle this coming weekend.


April Quick Bites roll out red carpet, floral fashion, more

Posted 3/30/2019 in Entertainment

With luck, "April showers" in the Golden Triangle won't equal the deluges -- and mud -- of the past couple of months.


Light and easy

Posted 3/27/2019 in Food

Somewhat to my pseudo-horror, I overheard a group of teenage girls in a local restaurant this past week. (I wasn't eavesdropping; it was unavoidable.) Their topic reminded me of all those impending "swimsuit seasons" when I was a teen.


Tradition and transition: Columbus Pilgrimage includes a farewell, and a welcome

Posted 3/23/2019 in Community

Change tends to come slowly to a venerable 79-year tradition like the Columbus Spring Pilgrimage. But, as with all things, change does come with the passage of time. This year's annual Pilgrimage marks an exit, and an entrance -- a farewell to the tour by one homeowner family, and the beginning of another family's antebellum journey.


Thursday's kickoff party, special events highlight Pilgrimage

Posted 3/23/2019 in Entertainment

Thursday marks the kickoff of the 79th annual Columbus Spring Pilgrimage -- nine days of historic home and garden tours, Tales from the Crypt, Catfish in the Alley, Artisans Alley, a barn quilt trail, carriage rides, garden party, 5K run, food, music and fun.


'Meet the Author' hosts Harker Tuesday at Fant Library

Posted 3/23/2019 in Entertainment

Fant Memorial Library at Mississippi University for Women will host writer Jaime Harker at 4:30 p.m. Tuesday as it continues its Meet the Author Series.


West Point Arts Council's 'Hee Haw' revisits the 'kornfield'

Posted 3/16/2019 in Entertainment

All the favorites will be there -- "Grandpa Jones," "Minnie Pearl," "Lulu," "Junior" and the rest -- when the West Point/Clay County Arts Council presents "Hee Haw" March 28-30 at the Louise Campbell Center for the Arts in West Point.


Area filmmaker begins next feature film with MAC assist

Posted 3/16/2019 in Community

Independent filmmaker Michael Williams of West Point has more stories to tell. A $5,000 grant from the Mississippi Arts Commission (MAC) will help him do it.


Grab-and-go breakfast

Posted 3/13/2019 in Food

Stirred by some internal, infernal clock, I reluctantly opened an eye Monday morning, relieved to see the sky still dark. Foggily judging the time to be about 4:30 a.m., I thankfully figured I had a couple more hours to dream. Reality intruded seemingly five minutes later when the alarm -- set for 6:30 -- sounded off. How could it possibly be time to get up for work?



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