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Good times roll: Party on with these Mardi Gras recipes

Posted 2/19/2020 in Food

Next Tuesday -- Shrove Tuesday, or Fat Tuesday -- is Mardi Gras season's grand finale. Feb. 25 marks the culmination of Carnival celebrations. It's the last day and night of eating anything we want before the ritual feasting of the Lenten season.


Let us entertain you: Storytelling festival sparks imagination, laughter and maybe even a tear or two

Posted 2/16/2020 in Entertainment

Storytelling is about connections -- the human kind. "At a time when there are so many things that divide us, stories are one place where we can say, here's what we have in common, here's something that reminds us of our humanity," said professional storyteller Dolores Hydock.


Columbus JA Charity Ball Ticket Night set for Thursday

Posted 2/16/2020 in Community

Tickets to the 70th annual Junior Auxiliary of Columbus Charity Ball will be available for purchase Thursday evening, Feb. 20.


Happy Valentine's

Posted 2/12/2020 in Food

In just two days, we celebrate Cupid's big day, a day devoted to expressing love and affection. The National Retail Foundation says Americans spent a record $20.7 billion expressing it last Valentine's.


True colors: Columbus artist mines a world of imagination and whimsy

Posted 2/8/2020 in Community

Spend some time with Frank McGuigan's paintings and soon his colorful world of whimsy seems like a pretty chill place to visit. Blue people, self-possessed felines and dreamlike settings fill the canvases he hopes will light up someone's day.


Oktibbeha Heritage Museum to host 'Chit Chat' series

Posted 2/8/2020 in Community

Connecting a community to its history may be the primary mission of the Oktibbeha County Heritage Museum, but a new Chit Chat series intends to connect community members to each other.


Dip, devour: It's National Chocolate Fondue Day

Posted 2/5/2020 in Food

With Valentine's Day just over a week away, it seems a good time to mention that February is National Chocolate Month. In fact, today -- Feb. 5 -- is Chocolate Fondue Day.


Empowered: Entrepreneurial women get a big boost from a new group

Posted 2/1/2020 in Community

It might be a form of business world karma that Misty McCraw and Kaitlin Mullins chanced to meet in 2019. It occurred first through their computers, when both were taking part in a national online entrepreneurs' group and McCraw, of West Point, posted a message asking if anyone in the network happened to live nearby. She received a response from just down the road -- from Mullins, in Starkville.


Actress, author to speak at African American History Banquet

Posted 2/1/2020 in Community

Many will remember Bern Nadette Stanis as daughter "Thelma" on the popular CBS sitcom "Good Times," which ran from 1974 to 1979.


A sundae for Sunday?

Posted 1/29/2020 in Food

While in the car Monday morning, I happened to tune in to Mississippi Public Broadcasting; about the first words I heard were "barbecue sundae." Now, I admit, that's a new one on me. (Some of you are saying, "Where've you been?")


The art of the blade: Local bladesmith takes forge skills from the back porch to national TV

Posted 1/25/2020 in Community

Anticipation ran high at the Cargile house in Lowndes County the night of Jan. 15. Friends and family gathered around the television -- Mitch Cargile was about to make his screen debut. Cargile, 38, was one of four bladesmiths competing in that evening's episode of "Forged in Fire."


SCT brings home major wins from state festival

Posted 1/25/2020 in Community

Starkville Community Theatre's entry in the annual Mississippi Theatre Association festival Jan. 16-19 brought home top honors in categories including Best Production, Best Director, Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor.


Lowndes Master Gardeners annual training to begin

Posted 1/25/2020 in Community

Flowering containers and landscaping at Lee Park, the Butterfly Garden at the Columbus Riverwalk, the herb garden at The W's Culinary Arts Institute -- these and other projects around the county are the work of Lowndes County Master Gardeners.


And the survey says ... Internet searches reveal some Super Bowl favs

Posted 1/22/2020 in Food

Neither of Sunday's conference championship games went my way, so at the moment any personal investment in Super Bowl LIV is at low ebb. This brief period of pouting shall pass, however; past experience predicts I'll rally to get interested in at least the chow to be served during the big game Feb. 2. So an email in my inbox about favorite Super Bowl snacks for every state sounded like it could be fun.


Coming in from the cold: Compassion, teamwork drives development of new warming shelter

Posted 1/18/2020 in Community

For most of us, freezing temperatures are usually no more than an inconvenience. But for a man, woman or child without a place to call home -- or with a home, but no heat -- they can become life-threatening.


Resolutions to 'get fit' mean more as we mature -- longer life, less disability can be the pay-off

Posted 1/11/2020 in Community

Driving music could be heard long before this visitor opened a door near the gym at the downtown Columbus Y. Inside the room, volume intensified as a circle of more than 20 women surrounded the dynamo at its center. Participants danced and clapped, making the most of this regular Wednesday morning romp called Move and Groove.


Athlete-turned-mom shares story of life after injury

Posted 1/11/2020 in Community

LeAnn Sanders Shelton lost her left arm in a traumatic lawn mower accident when she was only 4 years old. The McShan, Alabama, resident, now 37, has never let it define who she is.


Doing it better in 2020: So, you want to 'eat better' this year?

Posted 1/8/2020 in Food

Eight days into the new year, resolution-makers everywhere are trying to instill new habits.


Longtime FBC pastor to lead Mississippi Baptist Convention Board

Posted 1/4/2020 in Community

A change is coming to First Baptist Church in Columbus. Longtime pastor Shawn Parker will soon leave the pulpit to take on new responsibilities as executive director-treasurer of the Mississippi Baptist Convention Board.


What do you hope for in 2020?

Posted 1/4/2020 in Community

Promise of a new year lingers in the air, ripe with anticipation.



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