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Marc Dion: Cash money is sick

Posted 3/9/2020 in National Columns

I probably won't die from the coronavirus, though saying that means I probably will. As the old-time Irish said, "What you call comes to you."


Marc Dion: Shaving to the bone

Posted 2/24/2020 in National Columns

In World War I, when the combatants hunkered down fearfully in miles of opposing trenches, everything took on the name of the trench.


Marc Dion: For what it's worth

Posted 2/20/2020 in National Columns

I'm a 62-year-old man who, by being cheap for 30 years of his life, managed to save some money.


Marc Dion: There's no such thing

Posted 2/3/2020 in National Columns

Many people, including our whopping mistake of a president, characterize the investigation and the impeachment of Donald J. Trump as a "witch hunt."



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