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Some international students have no way home

Posted 3/27/2020 in Area

Arpana Upadhyay was left alone at home in Nepal when a 7.8 magnitude earthquake shook the country in April 2015, interrupting her last semester in high school.


Local hospitals work to mitigate coronavirus spread

Posted 3/26/2020 in Area

In the wake of a growing number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 coronavirus, hospitals in the Golden Triangle are tightening restrictions within the facilities to lower the risk of infection. Several hospitals have restricted in-person patient visits, limited the number of entrances and isolated potential and confirmed COVID-19 patients from the other patients.


Lowndes County administrator chooses to resign as of Sept. 30

Posted 3/24/2020 in Columbus & Lowndes County

Lowndes County Administrator Ralph Billingsley has opted to leave his position effective Sept. 30. Billingsley said he submitted a retirement letter to the county board of supervisors Monday evening.


Council to meet with no audience; State Coronavirus cases reach 21

Posted 3/17/2020 in Columbus & Lowndes County

Starting Tuesday, Columbus City Council meetings will be closed to public attendance until further notice due to the risk of large gatherings amid the outbreak of COVID-19, a disease caused by the novel coronavirus, Mayor Robert Smith announced at a press conference at the City Hall Monday afternoon.


'Sonic' Johnson appointed to CVB board

Posted 3/17/2020 in Columbus & Lowndes County

For 22 years, Richard "Sonic" Johnson served at the Columbus Air Force Base as a pilot. For another 15, he was the public affairs director on base.


Pilgrimage canceled amid coronavirus outbreak

Posted 3/14/2020 in Columbus & Lowndes County

Columbus, Mississippi Spring Pilgrimage, one of the city's largest annual festivals that draws in thousands of tourists each year, is canceled this year amid the COVID-19 outbreak.


County builds 'expensive' fence to match one built on property of supervisor's brother

Posted 3/11/2020 in Columbus & Lowndes County

Before it was torn apart by last year's tornado that ripped through Columbus, a fence stood between Lowndes County Administrative Building on Main Street and the house to its west.


City appoints Cunningham to CVB board

Posted 3/4/2020 in Columbus & Lowndes County

Columbus-Lowndes County Convention and Visitors Bureau will soon see a new face on its board.


EMCC leaders seek solutions to plunging enrollment, address financial transparency

Posted 3/3/2020 in Columbus & Lowndes County

As the number of enrolled students keeps plummeting, East Mississippi Community College's administrators and board of trustees are searching for ways to boost enrollment.


Monday Profile: Columbus resident finds light in fight against Parkinson's disease, spreads hope along marathon trip

Posted 3/2/2020 in Columbus & Lowndes County

Lap after lap, Mary Anna Nelson kept on going. Walking turned into jogging. Her eyes were fixed on the path ahead so that she would not trip and fall. No one could overtake her -- that, she made sure of.


A four-year wait for a birthday: Area Leap babies prepare to celebrate their rare, special day

Posted 2/28/2020 in Area

When Annie Anthony was born in Lowndes County on Feb. 29, 1936, her family did not go to the hospital. Instead, Anthony said, they brought a midwife home and paid her with chickens. As much as the family welcomed the baby, not everyone appreciated the birth date. Her grandmother, Anthony recalled, was "having a fit."


Southside citizens concerned about potholes, slow city response to other issues

Posted 2/25/2020 in Columbus & Lowndes County

Potholes, specifically on Sixth Street, were the first concern Anne Ross had Monday night as she wondered if resurfacing the road was on the city's agenda. And she was not alone.


Residents in west Lowndes reflect upon Columbus tornado, express need for storm shelter

Posted 2/22/2020 in Columbus & Lowndes County

When a storm passed through Crawford in the 1990s, Lucy Henley had nowhere else to hide. Staying in her mobile home on Tolan Street with seven children at the time, she said, she could feel the bottom of her home lifted off the ground by the gusty winds.


CMSD patrons 'gather at the river'

Posted 2/21/2020 in Columbus & Lowndes County

In the past few years, Jason Spears, Columbus Municipal School District's board of trustees president, said he has seen more district patrons "gathering at the river."


Mayor breaks tie to advance application for Southside historic survey grant

Posted 2/20/2020 in Columbus & Lowndes County

A second attempt for a historic survey of Southside homes narrowly passed Columbus City Council Tuesday, but it took Mayor Robert Smith's tie-breaking vote to do it.


Man faces code violations from city for damage caused by police officer crashing into house

Posted 2/20/2020 in Columbus & Lowndes County

Leroy Lacy has never fixed his front porch that collapsed one night last April. A police car driving by had collided with another car and crashed into the vacant house he owns on 12th Street North, he said, knocking down the brick foundation supporting the porch. The roof of the front porch lies on the ground, detached from the main house. At the time, Lacy expected whoever was at fault to pay for the repairs.


Street flooding plagues North Columbus

Posted 2/19/2020 in Columbus & Lowndes County

Since she moved to her home near the end of 22nd Street North, Columbus in 1977, Mary Erby has always had a problem with her drainage whenever there's heavy rainfall. In recent years, she said, it's getting worse.


City planning session aims to develop long-term goals for all departments

Posted 2/18/2020 in Columbus & Lowndes County

City of Columbus officials and staff laid out department goals for 2020 during a Thursday planning session, addressing frugal spending, crime prevention, as well as other city policies.


Supes approve purchase of multi-purpose floor at Crawford gym

Posted 2/17/2020 in Columbus & Lowndes County

The Crawford Elementary School gym is getting a new floor. But not the kind its district county supervisor Jeff Smith would like to see.


Fear and resiliency: Chinese natives in Golden Triangle combat coronavirus anxieties with hope, action

Posted 2/16/2020 in Area

On a late-January flight back from Shanghai to Starkville, Ronghua Wu lost sleep.



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