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Armstrong Williams: Going Viral: Politicizing this pandemic gets us nowhere

Posted 3/26/2020 in National Columns

By now the tropes have become almost typical. Democrats are politicizing the coronavirus, drumming up irrational fears in the media, and causing an economic meltdown, all in hopes of bringing down the president.


Armstrong Williams: Baseball's failure to exact a price for cheating could destroy the game -- and damage all professional sports

Posted 2/20/2020 in National Columns

Nothing creates a moral hazard more than exposing corruption and yet failing to punish those responsible. That's what happened in the aftermath of the financial crisis of 2008, and that's what's happening in baseball today.


Armstrong Williams: Palestinians should give Trump peace plan a chance

Posted 2/8/2020 in National Columns

President Donald Trump's brilliant plan for Mideast peace has triggered a sandstorm of negativity and deflection from the regular naysayers who attack anything the president says and does.



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