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Mona Charen: The Wall Street journal epitomizes the failure of elite conservatism

Posted 1/6/2021 in National Columns

The Wall Street Journal editorial page is probably the most influential elite conservative outlet in the country.


Mona Charen: Our merciless culture

Posted 1/4/2021 in National Columns

When did we become so merciless? I'm not talking about the 18-year-old kid, featured in a New York Times article, who elected to torpedo a fellow student over a three-year-old video clip -- though what he did was cruel. No, I'm talking about all of the supposed adults who created the world these kids navigate through.


Mona Charen: Even Trump's pardons are selfish

Posted 12/28/2020 in National Columns

The list of President Donald Trump's pardons and clemencies so far looks a lot like a supermarket tabloid: In other words, a lot like Trump's life itself.


Mona Charen: Bye-Bye William Barr

Posted 12/21/2020 in National Columns

Some heads snapped when Attorney General William Barr told the truth on Dec. 1. "To date, we have not seen fraud on a scale that could have effected a different outcome in the election."


Mona Charen: Trumpism triumphant -- even in defeat

Posted 12/11/2020 in National Columns

Off and on for 25 years, I participated in National Review cruises as a speaker.


Mona Charen: Trump's first victim -- truth

Posted 12/7/2020 in National Columns

The photo looks faked. It's so heavy-handed. A grinning Australian soldier, his insignia clear as day on his helmet and arm, stands on the Australian flag holding a small, barefoot Afghan child in front of him. He grasps a bloody knife to the child's throat. The caption reads "Don't be afraid, we are coming to bring you peace!"


Mona Charen: There is no return to normalcy

Posted 11/14/2020 in National Columns

The day after the secretary of defense was fired is not a great time for the secretary of state to joke about a transition to a "second Trump administration." If he was, in fact, joking.


Mona Charen: Does this election tell us something about men?

Posted 11/7/2020 in National Columns

As I write, the outcome of the 2020 presidential race remains in doubt, though it seems very likely that Joe Biden will squeeze out a victory. This is a stunning departure from the resounding repudiation of Donald Trump that we had been hoping for. Here are a few groggy, morning after reflections.


Mona Charen: Weak excuses to vote for Trump

Posted 10/29/2020 in National Columns

Mona Charen: Don't let Trump discredit patriotism

Posted 10/26/2020 in National Columns

Donald Trump has a documented history of driving Americans away from the policies he favors. This is both good and bad.


Mona Charen: Breaking news: Not everything is terrible

Posted 10/17/2020 in National Columns

We devote a lot of mental energy to things that are going wrong or could go wrong. It's human nature.


Mona Charen: The world's brokest billionaire

Posted 10/14/2020 in National Columns

Seated at the breakfast table, scanning The New York Times story on Trump's taxes, I said to my husband, "We have a greater net worth than Donald Trump." He knitted his brow.


Mona Charen: Trump's Republican Party

Posted 10/12/2020 in National Columns

Kelly Loeffler looked like a standard-issue Republican when she was appointed senator from Georgia in December 2019.


Mona Charen: It's not about principles

Posted 9/26/2020 in National Columns

Mona Charen: Flight 93 forever

Posted 9/21/2020 in National Columns

Danielle Pletka, senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, has announced that while she never considered voting for Donald Trump in 2016, she may well do so this year. She is being driven to this extremity, she says, by the "hard left ideologues" of the Democratic Party.


Mona Charen: Who Will Speak for the Uighurs?

Posted 9/12/2020 in National Columns

According to John Bolton, when Xi Jinping told Donald Trump that he was putting Uighurs in camps, Trump said he was doing "exactly the right thing." Of course, Xi's depiction was pure agitprop. China is not targeting Uighurs who have shown terrorist tendencies, it is crushing an entire ethno/religious minority in brutal fashion.


Mona Charen: Broken windows presidency

Posted 9/9/2020 in National Columns

President Donald Trump is a broken windows president. Let me explain. In 1982, the Atlantic published an article that became legendary in conservative circles.


Mona Charen: The American Dream is not dead

Posted 8/24/2020 in National Columns

The Biden campaign deserves praise for introducing, at the Democratic National Convention, something we haven't seen a lot of lately -- smiles. They've showcased grins and joyful, dancing eyes on the faces of all sorts of Americans.


Mona Charen: Quazy for QAnon

Posted 8/15/2020 in National Columns

In the 1964 black comedy "Dr. Strangelove," the above words are spoken by a general who is about to start World War III. His theory about the contamination of "precious bodily fluids" is the tipoff for poor Group Captain Lionel Mandrake that the general has gone certifiably cuckoo.


Mona Charen: Who is really burning things down?

Posted 8/3/2020 in National Columns

My friend David French, one of the most admirable voices in America today, argues that conservatives need not vote against Republican senate candidates in order to send a message about Trumpism. I disagree. He writes, "A rage, fury, and a 'burn it all down' mentality is one of the maladies that brought us to the present moment."



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