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Wyatt Emmerich: Multiple voices move state forward on criminal justice reform

Posted 4/23/2019 in Local Columns

The legislature has just passed another bill designed to tackle Mississippi's sky-high incarceration rate.


Wyatt Emmerich: Lack of Medicaid expansion is holding state back

Posted 4/16/2019 in Local Columns

With state Elections coming up, one of the hottest issues is expansion of Medicaid


Wyatt Emmerich: Canopy saving lives of thousands of young people

Posted 4/3/2019 in Local Columns

It's not often I am completely blown away by something I didn't know about, but that's exactly what happened when I spent an afternoon with leaders of Canopy Children's Solutions.


Wyatt Emmerich: Mississippi government is shrinking

Posted 3/27/2019 in Local Columns

The legislature is in session and big money is on the line - $21 billion. This represents 18.3 percent of Mississippi's total GDP of $115 billion.


Wyatt Emmerich: Sacrificing privacy for free apps

Posted 3/23/2019 in National Columns

Like lobsters in the slowly heating pot, Americans are getting cooked without even knowing it. In exchange for free apps on our phones, we are giving up every smidgen of our privacy.


Wyatt Emmerich: A Mississippi story of Trump, hotels and two immigrant families

Posted 2/27/2019 in Local Columns

The Trump organization withdrew from a project to build a luxury hotel complex in Cleveland, Miss., but the local partner, Chawla Hotels, is full steam ahead on the 18-acre $20 million venture.


Wyatt Emmerich: Northsiders plan Franklin County destination resort

Posted 2/7/2019 in Local Columns

C Spire is spearheading a public-private partnership to build a beautiful 200-room resort and 1,000-seat conference center on a beautiful spring fed lake in southwest Mississippi.


Wyatt Emmerich: Balance is needed in a democracy

Posted 1/24/2019 in Local Columns

Count me as one of the few people who believe the United States, and many other developed countries, have a good, balanced way of governing.


Mississippi Voices: Public opinion changing the face of criminal justice

Posted 1/5/2019 in National Columns

Criminal justice is probably the most fundamental responsibility of government. It's no easy task. There is a trend, both nationwide and statewide, to reduce incarceration levels, which are the highest, by far, in the world.


Wyatt Emmerich: This Christmas let's embrace joy, not worry

Posted 12/19/2018 in Local Columns

We humans like to worry. It's in our nature.


Wyatt Emmerich: Remembering Jeff Cole

Posted 12/3/2018 in Local Columns

On Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, we buried my step father-in-law.


Wyatt Emmerich: More reasons to be grateful

Posted 11/23/2018 in Local Columns

I LOVE writing my annual Thanksgiving column. As an American living in the 21st century, there is an overwhelming amount to be thankful for.


Wyatt Emmerich: War on drugs taking too much collateral damage

Posted 11/19/2018 in Local Columns

Two more states voted to legalize marijuana in the recent mid-term elections. Ten states now allow recreational marijuana. Thirty states allow medical marijuana. The latest polls show 66 percent of American adults now favor legalization.


Wyatt Emmerich: Social media posting can have dire consequences

Posted 11/15/2018 in Local Columns

Here's some free advice: Be careful what you post on social media platforms. When you post, it can go all over the world and last forever. That's one very scary aspect to the Internet.


Wyatt Emmerich: Tiny state agency plans on issuing $895 million bond

Posted 11/2/2018 in Local Columns

When a Tiny backwater state agency published a public notice in the newspaper that it planned on issuing up to $895 million in state debt, it raised some eyebrows.


Wyatt Emmerich: We don't realize how much better the world is getting

Posted 9/26/2018 in Local Columns

We are living in the midst of extraordinary human progress - the greatest progress in the history of humanity. And we're just getting started.


Wyatt Emmerich: Criminal justice reform gains momentum

Posted 9/19/2018 in Local Columns

One of the most disturbing statistics for our country is the sky-high incarceration rate. America has by far the highest incarceration rates in the world.


Wyatt Emmerich: Electricity resists being subject to free market

Posted 9/8/2018 in National Columns

Like buzzards picking the dead meat off a carcass, the salvage dealers are having a hey day carving up the defunct Kemper lignite gasification plant.


Wyatt Emmerich: Mississippi unemployment at record low

Posted 8/25/2018 in National Columns

Our nation is going through a period of record low unemployment rates. Unemployment in July was 3.9 percent nationwide and 4.8 percent in Mississippi.


Wyatt Emmerich: And now, the big 60 is here

Posted 8/8/2018 in Local Columns

August 2 is my birthday. The big 60 is finally here. Old age awaits.



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