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Charlie Mitchell: Out with the old, in with the new on many fronts

Posted 12/18/2018 in Local Columns

It's probably premature to make projections for the new year when the old one has a week or so left, so apologies for getting ahead of the calendar.


Charlie Mitchell: 'Differentness' is real, but doesn't always matter

Posted 12/11/2018 in Local Columns

It was certainly no surprise when race bubbled up more than a month ago in the runoff between Cindy Hyde-Smith and Mike Espy.


Charlie Mitchell: Bush elected before campaigns became science

Posted 12/4/2018 in Local Columns

It's true that George H.W. Bush was the last president from The Greatest Generation. This week, commentators have pointed out that when Bill Clinton defeated Bush for a second term, Clinton's youth was a big plus.


Charlie Mitchell: Trump v. Acosta: It's about the fame not the journalism

Posted 11/27/2018 in Local Columns

Tension between the press and public officials is a good thing. The greater worry for this public is if reporters and politicians are too buddy-buddy.


Charlie Mitchell: Thanks? How about a list of aggravations instead?

Posted 11/21/2018 in Local Columns

Long-time readers (for whom I am grateful) may recall Thanksgiving columns have often been homilies on how choosing an attitude of gratitude lessens stress, enhances enjoyment of life.


Charlie Mitchell: One way or the other, voters to make electoral history

Posted 11/13/2018 in Local Columns

For weeks if not months, there is media and coffee club speculation about the hearts and minds of American voters. Then election day comes, and we find out. The answer in Mississippi was, "We're pretty much where we were two years ago, four years ago, six years ago ..."


Charlie Mitchell:Immigrants show very little interest in Mississippi

Posted 11/6/2018 in National Columns

Several candidates this election season chirped about immigration. In Mississippi, this was strange because while legions of foreigners may be coming to America, they're not coming here.


Charlie Mitchell: Violence yet another reason to avoid public service

Posted 10/30/2018 in Local Columns

We should have seen it coming in 2001. That's when President George W. Bush selected U.S. District Judge Charles Pickering of Laurel for promotion to the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.


Charlie Mitchell: There will be a smidge of suspense on election day

Posted 10/23/2018 in Local Columns

Question: What do you call a person with no body and no nose? Answer: Nobody knows. Get it?


Charlie Mitchell: Two ways to go with local special sales tax levies

Posted 10/16/2018 in Local Columns

Charlie Mitchell: Informed communities are the best communities

Posted 10/9/2018 in Local Columns

Newspapers are businesses like no other. While other employers contribute to community life, newspapers, when operating at their best, are centers for community conversation and drive the quality of community life.


Charlie Mitchell: Hyde-Smith, McDaniel have staked out their positions

Posted 10/2/2018 in Local Columns

Unbeknownst to my media colleagues, the nominal Republicans on Mississippi's Nov. 6 special election ballot have already debated.


Charlie Mitchell: Public purse not proper for punishment or reward

Posted 9/25/2018 in Local Columns

Mississippi could use more leaders like Commissioner of Public Safety Marshall Fisher. He says what he thinks, does what he says he is going to do.


Charlie Mitchell: Large 'something for nothing' crowd often overlooked

Posted 9/18/2018 in Local Columns

It's the season for storms to line up in the Atlantic and Pacific, seeming to take aim.


Charlie Mitchell: Any consequence for clinging to a sinking ship?

Posted 9/10/2018 in Local Columns

Long before there was a mutiny aboard H.M.S. Bounty, it was clear Capt. Bligh was unfit. As tensions built, the choice for his officers and crew became increasingly clear: (1) tough it out or (2) risk being hanged for deciding enough was enough.


Charlie Mitchell: Lottery is the holy grail in the art of taxation

Posted 8/28/2018 in Local Columns

Jean-Baptiste Colbert was finance minister for French monarch Louis XIV. His best quote: "The art of taxation consists in so plucking the goose as to obtain the largest possible amount of feathers with the smallest possible amount of hissing."


Charlie Mitchell: Trump didn't invent 'public enemy' label for the media

Posted 8/22/2018 in Local Columns

Media folk are rankled because the President of the United States identifies us as "enemies of the American people."


Charlie Mitchell: Treading water shouldn't be good enough for voters

Posted 8/13/2018 in Local Columns

After 30 minutes with the household bills, Dad comes to the dinner table. Looking somber, he tells Mom, Junior and Sis, "We've got to cut back. We're spending more than we have."


Charlie Mitchell: Some not entertained by Reeves-Hood kerfuffle

Posted 7/30/2018 in Local Columns

OK, well, so no one is going to prison over "roadgate."


Charlie Mitchell: 'Roadgate' has promise as issue in governor's race

Posted 7/24/2018 in Local Columns

As things stood, there was no red meat on the table if, as expected, Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves squared off with Attorney General Jim Hood in next year's contest to be governor of Mississippi.



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