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Home Base: One good turn of confusion deserves another

Posted 10/22/2020 in Local Columns

Ah! Autumn in Mississippi.


Effort to partially open West Point parks fails Tuesday

Posted 10/14/2020 in Area

Following Tuesday evening's board of selectmen meeting, Ward 4's Keith McBrayer approached Parks and Recreation Director Jarrod McDaniel as others filed out of the boardroom. "Well, I tried," he told McDaniel, flatly. "I'll try again next month."


Home Base: Hypocrisy unmasked

Posted 10/8/2020 in Local Columns

Earlier this week, I was sitting in my living room when my youngest daughter, 5-year-old Pfeiffer, walked up to me with a contemplative expression.


Higgins: 'Large processor' eyeing West Point industrial site

Posted 10/1/2020 in Area

Work will begin soon to install sewer lines at 138 acres of the Prairie Belt Powersite.


Monday Profile: 'Revealing God's art in wood'

Posted 9/21/2020 in Starkville & Oktibbeha County

In the middle of the woods on his parents' property in the Morgantown community, Mark Henry sits on a stack of freshly cut oak columns for a water break.


Selectman asks for extra $144K in bond money to pave streets in his neighborhood

Posted 9/9/2020 in Area

A selectman's impassioned plea Tuesday to divert more money from the city's road bond to pave streets in his own neighborhood did not seem to get far with his fellow board members, but support from vocal audience members at the meeting became rowdy enough that the mayor once had to gavel them down to keep order.


Home Base: When asked to serve two masters, people make mistakes

Posted 8/22/2020 in Local Columns

At home this summer, my daughter Zayley, 11, has watched for the mail truck every day with the excitement of someone waiting for her Publishers Clearinghouse check.


LCSD requesting $5.5 million more from local taxes

Posted 8/20/2020 in Columbus & Lowndes County

Lowndes County School District is requesting about $5.5 million more than last year from county property tax revenue for Fiscal Year 2021, much of which would boost its operating revenue.


Monday Profile: New Hope teen angler 'born with a fishing rod in his hands'

Posted 8/17/2020 in Columbus & Lowndes County

On Friday afternoon at Performance Marine on Gardner Boulevard, David Wesley Dupler answers the phone at the front desk, while his mother, Michelle, helps a walk-in customer. Dusty Dupler, David's father, is hidden away working in the back of the store, occasionally walking to the front to speak friendly with customers he seems to have known for decades.


Home Base: A very COVID kickoff

Posted 8/10/2020 in Local Columns

It's a balmy 76 degrees on a beautiful mid-October Saturday on a Southeastern Conference university campus. The 11 a.m. kickoff is about 20 minutes away.


Home Base: Wear the damn mask

Posted 7/29/2020 in Local Columns

I've never understood the point of the proselytizing atheist. Even as a person of Christian faith, I understand how a person's life experiences would lead them to decide not to have faith themselves.


Home Base: Harry Sanders' legacy and how we can define its impact

Posted 6/22/2020 in Local Columns

My father has always been a walking repository of profound colloquialisms. Each were either passed down to him directly from generations of our family or by cultural osmosis from his nearly 70 years living in Southeast Arkansas.


Home Base: Monuments to not so lovable losers

Posted 6/13/2020 in Local Columns

As a senior in high school, I sat in English class watching the news with my classmates when the second plane hit the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001.


Home Base: Dear fellow white people

Posted 6/2/2020 in Local Columns

Looting is stupid. Riots are not the "language of the unheard," a quote I have seen so many people post on social media over the past few days. With due respect to the late, great civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr., my take is that violent riots and looting are more the fury of opportunists looking to score their personal "pound of flesh" against the "system," without any regard to a coherent, shared objective of reduci


Home Base: Quarantine's next project: Letting my 11-year-old cut my hair

Posted 5/22/2020 in Local Columns

Thursday morning, I walked out of my bedroom/current work-from-home office to refill my coffee cup. My middle daughter, 11-year-old Zayley, started talking to me before I even could see her. "Daddy! I have only watched this video for 3 minutes, 21 seconds, and I already have a full page of notes," she said.


Monday Profile: Johnson recalls life at Starkville High as both student and teacher

Posted 5/11/2020 in Area

Anita Milons Johnson walked into Starkville High School in 1998 as her alma mater's new sophomore English teacher.


41-year-old Starkville native, former music minister, succumbs to COVID-19

Posted 4/24/2020 in Starkville & Oktibbeha County

When Kaile King visited Mississippi State University as a high school senior from Carthage in spring 1998, she had all but decided to attend Ole Miss. Then she noticed the drummer for the MSU Black Voices and he made enough of an impression for Kaile to enroll in Starkville that fall instead.


Thirty years ago, MSU football alum won 'American Gladiators' first Grand Championship to keep funding dream of playing in the NFL

Posted 4/12/2020 in College Sports

Brian Hutson had been here before. Four times to be exact.


Supervisor: Lowndes administrator told to resign or be fired

Posted 3/21/2020 in Columbus & Lowndes County

A Lowndes County supervisor told The Dispatch on Saturday that some members of the board are trying to force County Administrator Ralph Billingsley out of his job.


CLW will not disconnect customers, charge late fees until further notice

Posted 3/20/2020 in Columbus & Lowndes County

Columbus Light and Water will not disconnect customers or charge late fees for its services until further notice, the utility's board voted Thursday.



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