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SEC seeks even recruiting field


Danny P Smith



Mississippi State and Ole Miss don''t play Southern Miss in football each fall. 


The battles between those schools are waged in the offseason when it comes to recruiting the state''s best talent. 


That''s why any perceived advantage for one of the other football programs can be an issue. 


At the Southeastern Conference spring meetings in Destin, Fla., this week, discussion has included a proposal to change an SEC regulation that restricts assistant football coaches from attending coaching clinics in their home states unless the coach is a speaker. 


Georgia coach Mark Richt and Florida''s Urban Meyer are pushing the SEC to examine the regulation because ACC rivals Georgia Tech and Florida State don''t have such restrictions, which could give them an unfair advantage in helping them make their programs more visible. 


Conference USA Associate Commissioner Alfred White said he wasn''t aware of any such restriction in his league, which would give Southern Miss a jump on MSU and Ole Miss. 


MSU and Ole Miss coaches could be viewed as disinterested or uncaring at clinics when they don''t show up and all they are doing is following the rules. 


MSU Athletic Director Greg Byrne believes it is an issue worth addressing. 


"It has some merit to allow our coaches to be out there doing that," Byrne said. "We think it is important for our coaches to be out there within the state and establish the relationships that are important." 


Byrne said it will be up to the SEC presidents to decide if the matter comes up for serious debate. 


There is also an NCAA legislative proposal being considered that would allow college football players to receive complimentary tickets from former teammates who are now in the NFL. 


Byrne said that is not as much of a concern for MSU since there is not an NFL franchise in the state, or close to campus. 


"We''ll have to see how the presidents weigh in," Byrne said. "We think it could be a recruiting advantage for people in states that have pro teams right by their campus." 




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Reader Comments

Article Comment USM Fan commented at 6/1/2009 7:18:00 PM:

Isn't it interesting that State and Ole Miss fans will proudly say that they don't play USM because they are not in the almighty SEC..when the truth is, they quit playing Southern Miss when I was in college because they got BEAT year in and year out.
So the SEC is so much better than Conf USA, and yet they are whining about Southern having a recruiting advantage? Couldn't it be that Southern is attracting top recruits because they are consistently invited to--and actually WIN bowl games?


Article Comment Eagle commented at 6/2/2009 4:45:00 PM:

I agree-consistent being the key word. Southern Miss constantly fights the SEC advantage, but rather than whining, they man up, and play football, well.
Bower said for 17 years: Anyone, anywhere, anytime. They don't win all their games, but they sure don't refuse to play anyone (see former Ole Miss chancelor). Fedora has held true to that philosophy. Let's nix this "unfair advatage" garbage, and play football. Winning games is how recruits are won.


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