Voice of the people: Woodrow Howell

January 10, 2017 10:13:31 AM



Fairgrounds moratorium unfair to participants in Auto Auction 


This concerns the Columbus Auto Auction that has been at the fairgrounds for over 40 years. That is in a different building from the coliseum. They have always had security and have never had a problem they couldn't handle. 


This is the best part of the year for the auction, which takes in thousands of dollars. This includes sales tax for car and truck sales at the tag office of Lowndes County.  


Now that it can't operate because of the incident that happened on Dec. 26., it will not bring in a dime to the state or the county. This is the most unfair thing for a business at home I've ever seen in the city of Columbus.  


It is unfair to people who could get a car or truck they could afford at this event. It affects dealers also. The Mayor and Council should realize that.  


Woodrow Howell