Roses and thorns: 12/23/12

December 22, 2012 9:19:39 PM



A rose to Mary Tuggle and all the kids in the horticulture program at the Palmer Home. Each year, the horticulture club grows poinsettias, which are sold around Christmas-time to raise funds. After the sale had ended, members gave away the surplus poinsettias at various downtown businesses. It was nice gesture, one that helped spread the cheer of the season. Give a poinsettia, get a well-deserved rose. 




A rose to developers who are planning to move into the old Sears location in the Leigh Mall. Two of the three new tenants are known: Sears Hometown Store and Ross Dress for Less. When Sears left in January, it sent a disturbing message to the community about the future of the mall. Now, hopefully, the arrival of new tenants will signal a resurgence of retail at the location. 




A thorn to the flu. It's bad enough to have the flu in the first place. But to have it around the holidays is especially unfortunate. This year's flu season arrived months early, catching those who would normally have taken the precaution of getting a flu shot unawares. It seems this flu took a particularly heavy toll on children. On Friday, First Presbyterian closed its daycare because so many of their children had the flu. Could there be a worse time for a child to have the flu than Christmas? Bah, humbug to the flu! 




A rose to the Columbus Municipal School District for implementing a city-wide electronics recycling program. The program not only raises funds for the district, but also helps the environment. The components in many electronic devices are particularly harmful to the environment. By providing a mean where citizens can recycle their electronics, the school is serving the best interests of all of us.