Voice of the people: Berry Hinds

November 1, 2012 10:14:34 AM



Appreciates CAFB 


On Monday a public information and input meeting for the CAFB was held at the Trotter Convention Center and only two -- that's right, two -- citizens attended this presentation that was well prepared and presented. The explanation of what they are developing, why it is being developed and what it could mean to the future of the base and Columbus was excellent.  


With the CAFB such a large important employer and driver to the total economic picture in Lowndes County and Columbus the room should have been full of people. The media was not there nor were any of the elected representatives of our local government or state government. Cynthia Berry, Columbus's City Planner, and Mary Permenter with the Link represented their organizations.  


The JLUS project team web site has some basic information and a promise of additional materials in the near future. www.columbusjlus.com. The contact is Mary Cates Permenter and your input through her is desired.  


I don't miss a chance to say hello and welcome service members to Columbus when I see in our businesses and inquire about there experience in our vicinity. 


From the present budget requests being made by the Department of Defense and the implications of our current government financial situation you can bet that bases will be closed. Will it be Columbus? Let's all show them it would be a mistake to leave this community because we support and value the impact Columbus AFB has on our community as well as the added value CAFB will be with additional tasking it should assume for our country's defense.