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Slimantics: Who do you believe?

Posted 11/17/2017 in Local Columns

A new day, a new claim of some prominent man faces charges of sexual harassment, abuse or assault.


Charlie Mitchell: Nurturing a desire to learn is the first challenge

Posted 11/17/2017 in Local Columns

All the king's horses and all the king's men have had their first meeting. Their challenge is to put the Jackson Public Schools back together again.


Possumhaw: What a wonderful day

Posted 11/13/2017 in Local Columns

In the dark of night, I walked toward my room at the Eola Hotel in Natchez. My brother, his wife and I had just dined with a multitude of kinfolk when a vivacious cousin, actually first cousin once removed, hollered out, "Hey y'all. There's a singer playing at the bar 'round the corner; I heard her last night. Let's go."

Slimantics: The bitter fruit of a family tree

Posted 11/12/2017 in Local Columns

Until a few weeks ago, my family tree was pretty much a sapling for all I knew of it. I came along late in my parents' lives and never knew my grandparents, other than their names.


Charlie Mitchell: Ideally, words should be precise, not confusing

Posted 11/10/2017 in Local Columns

Imagine a timber crew idling around their pickups in the moist, early-morning silence of a pine forest, waiting for their workday to begin.


Froma Harrop: From real estate to the presidency and back

Posted 11/8/2017 in Local Columns

In Hawaii, "aloha" also means "goodbye." President Trump could not have missed the less-than-enthusiastic greeting during his brief touchdown in the U.S. state where -- facts are facts -- Barack Obama was born.

Possumhaw: Ode to Romeo

Posted 11/6/2017 in Local Columns

The farmer and his wife were walking the Riverwalk when the farmer called out, "You still have Romeo?"

Partial to Home: Home on the range

Posted 11/4/2017 in Local Columns

Margie Hall is talking about the Ranch House, the restaurant that has been part of her life since she moved to Columbus from Gordo in the early 50s to carhop for her brother, Bill Hall, who owned the place.


Jiben Roy: In the month of Thanksgiving

Posted 11/3/2017 in Local Columns

Back home in Bangladesh we have never celebrated Thanksgiving.



Charlie Mitchell: Newest museums let Mississippi look in the mirror

Posted 11/2/2017 in Local Columns

There is one Mississippi, but many, many stories. That's not only the theme, but also the challenge for curators who developed displays in the conjoined Museum of Mississippi History and the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum.


Home Base: Stoking the fire of growing up

Posted 11/1/2017 in Local Columns

I've have often said of my middle daughter, Zayley, she carries with her a potent fire. With it, she can either light a room or burn it down.

Training burns can ultimately save other homes

Posted 10/30/2017 in Local Columns

By 10 a.m. Thursday, the weather was almost perfect - a cool, clear sunny day with just a mild breeze. Everyone agreed: It was a wonderful day for a house fire.

Possumhaw: Use it or lose it

Posted 10/30/2017 in Local Columns

It was another one of those dreamy days with the sun and wind coming through the leaves and causing a dancing pattern across the tile floor. The temperature was 50 degrees, heralding the coming of fall.

Ask Rufus: Documenting early Columbus 1817-1821

Posted 10/28/2017 in Local Columns

It was 200 years ago, probably in October or November 1817, that the first house within the original town limits of Columbus was built.

Partial to Home: Home is where the heart is

Posted 10/28/2017 in Local Columns

When an abusive husband called her a "dumb ass," she drove to a nearby college and took and passed the Mensa test. That's Jane: intrepid, confident, irrepressible.

Wyatt Emmerich: The idiocy of 'clickbait'

Posted 10/28/2017 in Local Columns

A friend of mine recently sent me an email about President Obama's daughter, Malia.

Slimantics: A short look at the life and times of Beth Ann Fennelly

Posted 10/25/2017 in Local Columns

Beth Ann Fennelly's latest book, "Heating & Cooling: 52 Micro-Memoirs," had been published just 10 days before Friday's opening session of the Eudora Welty Writer's Symposium at Poindexter Hall.

Slimantics: Jerry Rice is proof I'm not fat

Posted 10/24/2017 in Local Columns

A few weeks ago, the Biloxi School District's decision to remove Harper Lee's "To Kill A Mockingbird" from its eighth-grade language arts curriculum made news throughout the nation, inviting criticism both here in the state and beyond.

Possumhaw: Meditations on home

Posted 10/23/2017 in Local Columns

There are few opportunities I love more than being quiet at home -- sometimes if only for a short time, maybe doing nothing at all but staring into space or out the window and thinking all those thoughts that, in the busyness of a day or week, I've had no time to think.


Charlie Mitchell: McCain: America's example remains crucial to world

Posted 10/23/2017 in Local Columns

Rah-rah speeches by politicians rarely make good fodder for opinion columns. Journalists hear these talks often, become jaded by just another guy using grandiose language.



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