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What the military sacrifices for us 


Your two articles about the military on Wednesday's Opinion page were spot on. "Something bigger than themselves" expressed the bond between all those that have served in combat in the armed forces. There is a camaraderie among those that served. I served for 29 years, both active and in the National Guard.  


I never was in combat, so I can't relate to the combat experience. I have the highest respect for my brother in arms that have experienced combat. Only about 20 percent of the armed forces serve in combat, the other 80 percent are support personnel. The fact is when you sign up for the military, unless you go in the infantry or the special ops, you will be supporting the combat forces. God Bless those that serve in combat. Theirs is a bond that cannot be compared too.  


The air crash in the Delta only shows that, we never know the sacrifice our military makes. Sixteen deaths might seem few, but these people were out there protecting us. I pray for the student pilots daily, Every time they take off, they are putting their life on the line. God bless their dedication and patriotism. We have an all-volunteer Armed Force now, so all of us owe them a Thank You. All gave some, some gave it all. 


Thank you for those that have answered the call.  


Lee Roy Lollar 





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