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Voice of the people: Anne Gillis Burkart




Voting for Romney/Ryan 


This election is going to be close, or so the polls tell us. I know it is the turning-point election of my lifetime. 


Do we continue to go down the drain economically? Do we want to lose more and more of our freedoms? Do we want our Navy, Air Force, Army and Marines to be cut to the bone? Do we want the biggest tax increase in the history of our nation to take place in 2013?  


Do we want more cover ups like Fast and Furious, Benghazi, huge loans to donors that end up in bankruptcy, lavish parties and expensive vacations on tax payers' dime? 


Or would we like to elect a responsible, freedom loving man who knows how to save our country from economic ruin. 


I am tired of seeing so many suffer under the reign of a radical, disdainful man who fiddles around like Nero while our beloved country is destroyed. 


Therefore, I am prayerfully voting for Romney/Ryan. I hope enough voters wake up from the long nightmare and help elect a new president who will lift our country out of the gutter. 


Obama has looked after himself and his donors. 


Romney will look after the rest of us. 


Anne Gillis Burkart 





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