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Cameron Triplett: Parasites on society




So, everybody has a "right" to birth control. OK. Everybody else has rights, too. Like the right to not pay for somebody else's "free" prenatal care, "free" delivery, "free" health care through childhood, "free" food, clothing, housing, and anything else you might want to add. People who have babies, especially one after another, who cannot afford to care for them, or who just refuse to care for them, are parasites on society. They are using "the children" as pawns, no, as hostages to demand ransom money from strangers. 


We are urged to spay and neuter pets to reduce the population of unwanted dogs and cats, the financial cost to society, and the misery and suffering they endure. When these stray animals go feral they become a danger to household pets and to people in general. 


I was told by a former hospital employee that once upon a time Medicaid only "paid" for the first two or three welfare babies. Does that hold true today, if it ever was true? If it was changed, why was it changed? 


People want "free" birth control for "poor" women so they can avoid the worry of getting pregnant. Why not do it right? If a person, man OR woman, has two or more welfare babies, require them to have surgery, at no cost to them, of course, so that they can have all the "fun" they desire without burdening the taxpayers with another financial debt. That would solve or go a long way toward solving many problems: reduced crime; reduced prison populations; lower Medicaid costs; reduced unemployment; reduced school drop-out rates. About the only problem it wouldn't solve or lessen is the rate of STD's among those who are sexually promiscuous. I suppose that would be next on the list of "rights" some people expect to be paid for by others. 


This country is in a financial bind. Everyone needs to do whatever they can to help cut expenditures, especially unnecessary ones. A yard full of children that you bore but cannot afford to have is totally unnecessary. 


Cameron Triplett 





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