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Voice of the people: Bob Raymond



It might be interesting to other Mississippians to see what was being taught about Mississippi in 2003 in Texas. Here is an excerpt from The Houston Teachers' Institute (University of Houston) that was included in a teaching curriculum. 


"Some states like Mississippi had no schools for Blacks nor Whites prior to the Civil War. The federal government had granted certain lands to the state of Mississippi - from this land, proceeds were to be used to develop public schools, but monies were embezzled. The first public school in Mississippi was established when federal troops came after the Civil War." 


I left a comment on their website, letting them know that Franklin Academy was established as a free public school in 1821 and is still thriving today. 


It's no wonder that so many northerners hold our state in such low regard when blatant mistruths like this are being "taught" in public schools in "friendly" southern states!



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