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Voice of the people: Nan Lott




The next four years 


"Bump in the road." Indeed! When our Ambassador to Libya and three other Americans are brutally murdered on what is considered American soil and our the ambassador's body is dragged through the streets of Benghazi, our President Barak Obama says merely of the murders, "It's a bump in the road." And then the President leaves Washington on a fund-raising trip to Las Vegas. The President and others blame the riot and murders on an obscure video made months ago that offended the Libyan people.  


Finally, a week later the State Department agrees that the murders and burning of the American Embassy were a planned, premeditated terrorist attack on 9-11. Where is the outrage from the White House? This chilling event and the lack of response from our President should cause all Americans to think and pray long and hard about this upcoming election and the man that we want to lead our country for the next four years. 


Nan Lott 





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