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Ed's note: The following is a response to the Leonard Pitts column of June 24, "The essentiality of journalism." 


Ah huh, so "journalists" are professionals who report & record the news, events of history as they happen w/o bias. Maybe once upon a time, and maybe there are still a few & far between, but the vast majority of them today are no better than, & in fact just like, two little old ladies gossiping over a backyard fence. By your reasoning, nobody but "professional" reporters should be allowed to report what they see.  


I'm sure that Internet bloggers have made serious inroads on what was once the newspapers domain, but do you ever think "Why?" Read your own op-ed piece referenced here.  


You are definitely liberal-biased & anti-conservative in most of your columns. The majority of Americans, rich or poor, black or white, Northern or Southern, or anything else, are more conservative than liberal. In other words, we are more mature than the press gives us credit for being. So, why would we want to read a constant barrage of leftist spin on the news by "reporters" who lie prostrate at President Obama's feet?  


If any of you "journalists" had an ounce of reporting skills & honesty in you, then you would be reporting how much this Constitutionally ineligible impostor has damaged America in his short, but not short enough, term of office. Like another tall, skinny lawyer from Illinois (but born elsewhere), President Obama has divided this country w/a gulf that may never heal. 


I do my own research for the columns & op-ed pieces I write. I read others, like yours, & also listen to, gasp!, Fox News, as well as the others, for all the pertinent information I can find. Some factually-challenged, truth-denying people wonder just where I get my information, but that's OK. I know where they got theirs. I am a student of history. I don't need politicians & biased reporters telling me what happened as a result of something else happening. Therefore, I think I have a pretty good grasp of what the consequences of different actions will be. While most of us "non-professional" journalists may not have the means to personally go to N.O. after Katrina, or visit other catastrophes ourselves, that doesn't mean that we are too ignorant to form opinions. 


Cameron Triplett 





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