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Federal child support fee to rise from $25 to $35

Posted earlier today in National

Mississippi parents who get child support will see a federal fee rise from $25 a year to $35 a year.



Ex-Trump fixer Michael Cohen portrayed as greedy opportunist

Posted 12/8/2018 in National

For weeks, Michael Cohen sought to portray himself as a man who'd found his "true north" after years of shady business dealings and pit-bull loyalty to President Donald Trump.



Man who drove into crowd convicted of first-degree murder

Posted 12/8/2018 in National

A man who drove his car into counterprotesters at a 2017 white nationalist rally in Virginia was convicted Friday of first-degree murder, a verdict that local civil rights activists hope will help heal a community still scarred by the violence and the racial tensions it inflamed nationwide.



Trump says chief of staff John Kelly to leave at year's end

Posted 12/8/2018 in National

President Donald Trump said Saturday that chief of staff John Kelly will leave his job by year's end amid an expected West Wing reshuffling reflecting a focus on the 2020 re-election campaign and the challenge of governing with Democrats reclaiming control of the House.



2 deadly shootings send a chill through black gun owners

Posted 12/7/2018 in National

Gun-rights advocates like to say, "The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is with a good guy with a gun." Some black gun owners, though, are not so sure it's a wise idea for them to try to be the good guy and pull out a weapon in public.



Hart steps down as Oscars host after outcry over old tweets

Posted 12/7/2018 in National

Just two days after being named host of the Academy Awards, Kevin Hart stepped down following an outcry over past homophobic tweets by the comedian.



Bush, president and patriarch, is home for Texas burial

Posted 12/6/2018 in National

George H.W. Bush, who shaped history as 41st president and patriarch of a family that occupied the White House for a dozen years, is going to his final rest, in Texas.



Presidential funeral train will be first in nearly 50 years

Posted 12/6/2018 in National

The locomotive was painted to resemble Air Force One, but George H.W. Bush joked that if it had been around during his presidency, he may have preferred to ride the rails rather than take to the skies.



Historic 1920s Delta Queen riverboat can cruise again

Posted 12/6/2018 in National

After a decade in dock, the historic 1920s-era Delta Queen riverboat will cruise again. President Donald Trump signed legislation on Tuesday authorizing the 285-foot-long riverboat immortalized in poems and songs to cruise again along the Mississippi and several other rivers.


A nation's farewell for George H.W. Bush

Posted 12/5/2018 in National

The nation's capital bids its final farewell to the late president, George H.W. Bush, in a service of prayer and praise that is drawing together world envoys, Americans of high office and a guy from Maine who used to fix things in Bush's house on the water.


Prosecutors recommend no jail time for cooperative Flynn

Posted 12/5/2018 in National

President Donald Trump's former national security adviser provided so much information to the special counsel's Russia investigation that prosecutors say he shouldn't do any prison time, according to a court filing that describes Michael Flynn's cooperation as "substantial."



Trump praises witness who refuses to testify against him

Posted 12/5/2018 in National

President Donald Trump praised a key witness in the Russia investigation Monday for having the "guts" not to testify against him, and said his former lawyer -- who cut a deal with prosecutors -- should head straight to prison.



After CIA briefing, senators lay blame on Saudi crown prince

Posted 12/5/2018 in National

Breaking with President Donald Trump, senators leaving a briefing with CIA Director Gina Haspel on Tuesday said they are even more convinced that Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman was involved in the death of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi.



House GOP campaign arm targeted by 'unknown entity' in 2018

Posted 12/5/2018 in National

Thousands of emails were stolen from aides to the National Republican Congressional Committee during the 2018 midterm campaign, a major breach exposing vulnerabilities that have kept cybersecurity experts on edge since the 2016 presidential race.



In Capitol, Bush remembered as 'great man' and 'gentle soul'

Posted 12/4/2018 in National

The nation's capital embraced George H.W. Bush in death with solemn ceremony and high tributes to his service and decency, as the remains of the 41st president took their place in the Capitol rotunda for three days of mourning and praise by the political elite and everyday citizens alike.



Should social media check be required to get a gun license?

Posted 12/4/2018 in National

Should authorities be able to deny handgun licenses for hateful tweets? A New York lawmaker is raising the question with a bill that would require police to scrutinize the social media activity and online searches of handgun license applicants, and disqualify those who have published violent or hateful posts.



White House hails China trade truce as skeptics raise doubts

Posted 12/4/2018 in National

The Trump administration is celebrating the 90-day truce it reached in its trade war with China as a significant breakthrough despite scant details, a hazy timetable and widespread skepticism that Beijing will yield to U.S. demands anytime soon.



Lawyers for Trump seek to punish porn star in court fines

Posted 12/4/2018 in National

Lawyers for President Donald Trump asked a court Monday for nearly $800,000 in lawyers' fees and penalties from porn actress Stormy Daniels for a failed defamation lawsuit against him.



Americans begin saying their goodbyes to George H.W. Bush

Posted 12/3/2018 in National

Americans will begin saying goodbye to former President George H.W. Bush on Monday when his body arrives in Washington for public viewing in the Capitol Rotunda -- a rare honor that will be bestowed on a man who earned the respect and admiration of many with his leadership, bravery and grace.



US-China trade truce seen boosting US stock market

Posted 12/3/2018 in National

The truce in the trade dispute between the U.S. and China should boost rattled financial markets, at least through the year's end, experts say. But the stock market's recent wild gyrations likely will persist as the two countries strain to reach a permanent accord.



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