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Spring Practice No. 12: Willie Gay video and a couple of notes





- Once again, no practice for tight end Powers Warren. Joe Moorhead said he had a lower-body injury that was day-to-day and he was hopeful he would be back in time for the spring game. Clearly, that day was not today. 


- I noticed these in practice last week but didn't get to see them in action, but now I've finally seen the remote-controlled tackling dummies in action. You may have seen some videos from the Ivy League programs using remote controlled tackling dummies to give players the rep of tackling a moving object but without exerting that force onto another human. MSU has a couple of them and I saw defensive linemen working with them, working on some block-shedding stuff before chasing one of those remote-controlled dummies down. 


- Finally, here's something: is Austin Williams the emergency holder? MSU primarily uses punters Kody Schexnayder and Tucker Day as the holders, but I did see Williams warming up some other snappers while MSU was in field goal drills. The rest of the wide receivers were doing some tackling stuff, as they usually do during the field goal period, so he clearly was taken away from the wide receivers intentionally for this purpose.



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