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MSU Mailbag: A TaxSlayer Bowl prop bet, some brief women's hoops talk and more




This is the last Mailbag of 2017. Y'all take some time to mourn that fact....after you read this Mailbag. 


- Jared Bailey (@IamBailey8) would like to know which of these is most likely -- Keytaon goes for 200, 100 and 3 TDs, Lamar goes for 300, 100 and 4 TDs or both? 


Let's break this down piece by piece. 


For Keytaon: Well, he's facing a Peter Sirmon defense that's down two starters, so doesn't it seem like 200 yards passing is a lock barring injury? The only thing in question here is the 100 yards rushing, and that's almost entirely based on how much interim OC Brett Elliott wants to use him on designed runs. I have no source telling me this or real data to confirm this hunch, but I believe you're going to see a lot of Keytaon as a runner and he's going to hit those numbers. 


It's kind of a similar situation situation for Lamar Jackson: Of the two, the 300 yards passing seems more likely than the 100 rushing just based on usage and the opposing defense with cornerback Jamal Peters out of this game. 


I'm going to go with just Keytaon because I ultimately think Ron English is going to plan everything around keeping Lamar Jackson in the pocket. If this were a Todd Grantham defense, I would have had Lamar with 100 yards rushing easy just on the ease of running behind blitzes. I'm banking on English being a little more conservative, allowing Keytaon to hit all three of those numbers but Lamar to miss the 100 yards rushing benchmark. 


- @MSUmaroon noticed something about my tweet asking for questions and chimed back: Do you tweet and drive? 


What are you, a cop? As a #youth, how is the Internet supposed to know exactly what I'm thinking at all points in time if I don't tweet while I drive? Ugh, priorities man. 


- Let's all welcome Twitter celebrity @BearionLedger to the Mailbag with this question: Will Santa skip Oxford all together this year? 


If he did, would your favorite newspaper cover it more than it would if he skipped Starkville? I wonder if they're still a little gun-shy about accepting any kind of gift in Oxford.... 


Never fear, Oxford residents, the bearded wonder gave you all the gift cards to Ajax and Chipotle that your heart could ever desire this Christmas. 


- A quick women's basketball question from @IStateBaseball -- What's the ceiling for Teaira McCowan? The 2017-18 Victoria Vivians? 


Would it be blasphemous to say yes but with more defense? 


Honestly, her numbers to date suggest that. She's been a comparable scorer and obviously much more prevalent in the rebounding department, but she's also the team's best shot blocker and 12 steals on top of all of that is a noticeable development. It's weird to say that with Vivians still running around, but McCowan has just been dominating the flow of play when I've seen them, so the idea stands to reason. 


- We wrap this up with a trio of questions from @rodneyhopper2. First: Do you really feel like Get Jiggy With It is better than any one Dixie Chicks song? If so, name one Dixie Chicks song that is worse than Get Jiggy With It? 


Yes, yes I do. (This is in reference to my being distraught when my wife changed the radio from Get Jiggy With It to a Dixie Chicks song while we were driving for Christmas.) 


My man Rodney also asked me to name one Dixie Chicks song that is worse than Get Jiggy With It, so I will: All of them. 


- Why did Rodimus Prime ultimately fail as an Autobot leader? 


I have no idea what you're talking about. Clearly, I'm not much of a movie person. This is a running joke among my friends and probably the thing they bust my chops about more than most, so feel free to join in the parade. 


- Will the women's basketball team lose a game before postseason? If so, to whom?  


Generally, I'm a big believer in the difficulty of winning on the road in college basketball, so I went into this exercise thinking I would find one or two road games that I thought MSU would lose.....and I didn't. MSU does have to go to Knoxville, which is rough, but the way MSU has dominated really good competition such as Oregon and Virginia, I genuinely find myself wondering if going on the road is truly enough to trip this team up. 


I still think this time will lose once in SEC play just on the difficulty of winning that many college basketball games in a row, with at home against South Carolina and on the road at Tennessee being the two most likely tripping points. I know, I'm really going on a limb picking against a college basketball team going undefeated.



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