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MSU Mailbag: #EggBowlTwitter, That 70s Show takes and more




Sit down, my sons and daughters, let's have a talk. I didn't get as many questions this week: are y'all OK? Y'all struggling from the loss? Need a home game to get your energy up again? It's going to be OK guys, I believe in you. 


- My answer to this first question is bound to get me shot, so let's do this now so I have a chance at recovering before the Auburn game kicks off. Friend of the MSU Blog Justin Strawn (@JStrawnFWtCT) asks: How cool/sad/predictable is it that we're now talking about the FBI in #EggBowlTwitter? 


Here's what's going to get me shot: I'm so sick and tired of talking about Ole Miss. Let me explain myself before y'all pull the trigger. 


Here's what needs to be understood about this situation: look at it from an outsider perspective. This thing has been going on for what, four or five years now? Ever since Hugh Freeze basically dared the NCAA to show up in Oxford on national television after they signed Robert Nkemdiche and co.? This thing has taken forever and has refused to get out of the news with very little actually happening: other than the explosion around the Laremy Tunsil draft night, the notice of allegations gauntlet getting thrown down and the Freeze resignation, the amount of things that have happened to truly grab attention of non-interested fans have been almost none. And this thing has taken FIVE YEARS. 


The national college football scene is ready for this thing to end, and has been for years. That includes me, as someone who didn't have Mississippi ties before moving here in January. Now, I realize why it is this way in this state -- I grew up in Alabama and still lived there when the Cam Newton thing was going on, so you can imagine how that was. #EggBowlTwitter is justified in its continued interest -- and to actually answer the question, I'll go with the word hilarious to describe the conversation: just take a second to think about the contrast between a bunch of suits at the FBI and the local investigative party in the Ole Miss thing, another friend of the blog with tattoos, dreads and most often seen in a t-shirt honoring a rock band. 


- We take a quick break from football to talk about That 70s Show. Andrew Miller @bulldogblitz16) asks if I have a favorite character or moment and The Tupelo Flash (@cprovine3) asks who's my favorite character and why? 


Let me do a quick power rankings of That 70s Show characters: Red Forman, Hyde, Kelso, Eric, Fez, Leo, Donna and then basically every other consistent character ahead of Jackie -- unless you happen to be Mila Kunis, in which I was totally kidding and hey there, good lookin', hows about I buy you a drink sometime? (Y'all Mila Kunis /drools.) As Stan Horton pointed out on Twitter, I put Red No. 1 because I fear if I don't, he will suddenly become real and put his foot in my..... 


Favorite moments from That 70's Show -- and I expect all of you to tweet me your favorite moments I'm forgetting: When Red accidentally gets high and puts the whipped cream on his head...the montage of Hyde punching Kelso and Kelso saying, "Ow, my eye!"...When Red tries to teach everyone the power sweep...The whole Tad Nugent t-shirt debacle...When Eric's life becomes terrible when he admits to Red he smokes weed...When Kelso is doing the deed Hyde's black sister and Hyde hates it...Every time Kelso almost gets caught sleeping around with Laurie. 


- Now, let's use this question as a partially football question to get us back to football from here on out. My boy Rob Montgomery, @10RobertWilliam basically asks about my Athens trip: best part, town, stadium, atmosphere, etc. 


I must admit, I found the tailgating scene to be strange. Most campuses have a large, somewhat centralized green space -- the Junction at MSU, The Grove at Ole Miss, the Quad at Alabama, basically the entirety of Texas A&M's campus, etc. Georgia, instead, seems to have several small patches of green space all over campus. So, tailgating is taking place basically all across campus. It is cool to see tents quite literally everywhere on campus, but on the flip side, it is missing the atmosphere and excitement that comes with seeing thousands of people in one spot all eating, drinking, having a good time and getting hype for the game. 


The stadium itself, I loved it. The end zone that has the primary video board behind it has a small set of bleachers there and a big highway running behind it, so you can walk on that highway and look right into the stadium. A ton of people walking by, taking their pregame pictures and all, so that was cool. The students stayed for the entire game, which is not the case elsewhere (hi, Alabama) and all the pregame festivities were great. Nothing but positive reviews for the gameday experience within Sanford Stadium. 


As for Athens, unfortunately, I didn't get to really experience it. Three of the groomsmen from my wedding live in Atlanta, so I spent a lot of time in Atlanta with them. That's why I was really hoping this would be a 2:30 game so I could get my work done from the game and get to really live the epic bar scene Athens has. 


- Strictly football question: @gridirondawg asks if linebacker Tyler Dunning, the freshman from Florida, is going to redshirt. 


I consider it an almost certainty. MSU has a plenty good rotation with Dez Harris, Leo Lewis, Gerri Green, Travrer Jung, Willie Gay and Erroll Thompson and doesn't need him; plus, we saw Josiah Phillips play in the Charleston Southern game. From what I've heard from fans, this is classic Mullen, saving a year of eligibility whenever possible. 


- Our friend @Kurt_Wirth is scared, y'all. He wants to know what are the chances MSU gets caught up in the Adidas mess that's sending shockwaves through college basketball right now. 


I highly doubt it. 


An oversimplification of the goings on here (as we know them now, as I type this on Thursday morning) is basically two things: coaches taking bribes to put obvious NBA prospects in the hands of certain companies and certain companies paying players to get them to go to certain schools. For better or for worse, MSU hasn't had that type of player. 


Nick Weatherspoon is as close as MSU has gotten in recent years, and I guess that's possible, but the fact that MSU has barely even acknowledged this thing going on tells me they're in the clear since other schools have wasted no time taking action. The FBI being in town tends to have that effect on people.



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