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Practice Report: August 4




- Let's start this off with a laugh: Jordan Thomas was catching punts today. Yes, the same man listed at 295 pounds. This had to be just for fun or some inside joke with the team. Keith Mixon was the other guy fielding punts, which makes a lot more sense. 


- As for kick return, the first two guys were Keith Mixon and Donald Gray, with Deddrick Thomas and Gabe Myles behind them. Once again, all of that makes sense. The order might change, but I think it's most likely that the two deep guys when MSU receives its first kickoff in the regular season are two of those four guys. 


- On the offensive line, the first unit was left tackle Martinas Rankin, left guard Darryl Williams, center Elgton Jenkins, right guard Deion Calhoun and right tackle Stewart Reese. Other notable names: Harrison Moon at second-string center, Dareaun Parker at backup left guard and Michael Story at second-string right guard. 


- It's still hard to get a good read on where MSU is leaning at the tight end position. Justin Johnson, Farrod Green and Jordan Thomas were all seen getting prominent reps in certain situations. 


- Freshman running back Kylin Hill was practicing. He was arrested early this morning for reckless driving.



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