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NOTE: The parentheses are around the 's' on the title of this blog post because the AP Top 25 is set to come out later this month. Once that comes out, I'll update this post with that info. 




1 - Alabama. 2 - Ohio State. 3 - Florida State. 4 - USC. 5 - Clemson. 


6 - Penn State. 7 - Washington. 8 - Oklahoma. 9 - Michigan. 10 - Wisconsin. 


11 - Oklahoma State. 12 - LSU. 13 - Auburn. 14 - Stanford. 15 - Georgia. 


16 - Florida. 17 - Louisville. 18 - Miami. 19 - Kansas State. 20 - West Virginia. 


21 - USF. 22 - Virginia Tech. 23 - Texas. 24 - Tennessee. 25 - Utah. 


Others Receiving Votes: Washington State 99, Colorado 72, TCU 58, Boise State 49, Notre Dame 49, Texas A&M 46, Pitt 45, N.C. State 39, Oregon 37, Northwestern 25, Nebraska 23, Memphis 22, Arkansas 22, Mississippi State 19, San Diego State 18, Appalachain State 11, BYU 10, Georgia Tech 10, Tulsa 10, Wyoming 9, Western Michigan 8, Temple 8, North Carolina 8, Houston 7, Troy 6, Minnesota 6, Iowa 5, Louisiana Tech 4, Syracuse 3, Arizona 2, Army 1, Colorado State 1, Michigan State 1, Maryland 1, Toledo 1, UCLA 1. 




- First, on the MSU front, this is pretty much how I thought this would go down. People that really look at the roster and understand how the schedule is somewhat favorable to MSU will look at this team and see fringe top 25 potential, but it's going to be mighty hard for a lot of people to pull that trigger for two reasons. 1) The whole 5-7 thing is going to be a bug-a-boo for some, and 2) It's mighty hard to project a team that's likely to finish no better than 4th in its own division as a top 25 team. Not to say it won't be right, as this happens in the SEC West somewhat regularly, but having a second thought about that is absolutely fair. 


- Looking at it from the SEC angle, LSU over Auburn strikes me as curious, but not so much to make a big thing out of it. Tennessee, however...I reject that premise completely. I'm more down on Tennessee than most, but to suggest this team is better than, looking at the others receiving votes list, Washington State and N.C. State, for instance, strikes me as preposterous. 


- Note that MSU's Week 2 opponent, Louisiana Tech, received votes. There's plenty of reason to like that squad, something you'll read about here on the blog in a couple of weeks or so. Stay tuned. 


- Other things I find off: Penn State underneath Clemson; Michigan ahead of Wisconsin and Oklahoma State; Oregon and Minnesota getting as many votes as they did, as both coaches are proven tear-it-down-to-build-it-back-right kind of guys; the fact that Toledo, Army and Syracuse received any votes at all. 


- Also, how about all that love for depth in the Big 12? Five teams in the top 25 and TCU within striking distance of it. Is this the year the Big 12 turns a corner? I don't know if turn the corner is the right phrase, since West Virginia and Kansas State seemed poised for regressions after this year, but still, not a bad haul for a conference that's been the laughing stock.



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